WC Designer or Woolementor Plugin - Free vs. Pro

WC Designer or Woolementor Plugin – Free vs. Pro

WC Designer or Woolementor Plugin – Free vs. Pro Comparison

The work of the WC Designer (Woolementor) plugin is to connect the Elementor with the desired and most popular eCommerce plugin WooCommerce. It amplifies the role of the elementor to the extent limit that you can modify the carts and checkout pages in the WooCommernce. Initially, I found it very impressive and helpful to design the new features of the store.

This plugin has been very helpful in combining the Elementor and WooComerance plugins. You can easily design shopping pages and checkout pages. WoolEmentor can reach your store to upgrade level.

WC a wondering or impressive designed look of the store always attract the visitor toward its. So you can modify every feature of your store using the Woolementor Plugin.  It is a shopping page and also called a checkout page.

WC Designer comes with extraordinary and eye-catching shop designs that will blow your mind and selection level. In this guide, I discussed the main features and functionalities of the WC Designer (Woolementor) plugin and as well as its comparison are:

  • Shop outlook
  • Filter products
  • Header and footer
  • Active Tabs
  • Copy past
  • Cart and checkout customization
  • Image folder
  • Reviews of the customers
  • FAQ
  • Pricing list
  • Sales messages
  • Account detail

Woolementor Free vs. Pro Comparison

The following lines show a comparison of Woolementor Plugin Free and the Pro version.

Woolementor Free version


Woolementor comes with loads of 4 beautiful and free shop widgets, 4 Tab widgets, three related products, an image gallery, cart item, and more widgets that can drag and drop the page design according to your choice.

WooCommerce stores:

It is making it easy to build great WooCommerce stores. A free version of the plugin has more than 25 Elementor widgets.

Templates Library:

A good template library that can easily build web pages comprises 100+ free Elementor templates with content blocks.

The Elementor canvas layout:

Another full widget layout that removes all the elements on the page, like the Header, footer, and sidebars giving you the whole page for design. Also, can create landing pages using the canvas layout.

Editing Mode:

This feature allows editing the page and switching to the mobile or tablet view mode. You can create fully functional websites and pages to access the users from any site. Also, give the option to make changes in life to the page.

Support RTL and LTR Translations:

Elementor is offered fully functional with support for RTL and LTR languages. The plugin’s translation is into more than 23 different languages, and this translated list is growing.

Customized Background Option:

The Free Plugin allows the customized background of the page extensively and can change the page background in gradient style. You can also add the video in the background section.

Woolementor Pro version:

Many feature sets of Elementor Pro make it useful and works as an add-on to the lite version that adds more functionality to the builder. Let’s discuss that are:

Pre-designed templates and blocks:

The Elementor has professionally designed templates, pages, and blocks that can be used to design faster.  The Elementor Pro is the best choice for using the most Pre-designed templates.

Theme Builder:

This prominent tool allows the control of every section of the websites, changes the content parts, and partially edits the whole side. These builders can be an advantage for a website design agency and do more like a custom header, edit sidebar, redesign footer, and create custom layout pages.

Global Widgets:

The Pro version can change a widget from a single location to customize and affect all the global widgets. This feature makes the design faster and reduces the unusual tasks all over the site.

Embed widgets:

This Pro feature allows to embed the widgets, or the rows changed with the help of shortcodes. The shortcodes display widgets in the footer, sidebars, and even on blog posts, subscription boxes, banners, and any other widgets depending on the requirement.

Form Builder:

This pro pack creates form quickly on the website and is entirely visual. You design the form from the front end can connect with any automation marketing platform.

Add Custom CSS:

This Elementor Pro allowed to add custom CSS to any widget or block and made live on the editor. If you used mostly the coding and engaged in the scenario, you need to make changes and reach the drag and drop builders.

Customize e-commerce store:

The Pro version can easily customize e-commerce stores with multiple Woocommerce widgets and drag and drop the page widgets to the e-commerce parts of the store.

Save Button Option:

This standard plugin has a saving option that can store the raw templates with the save button easily. This feature allows to used default template and design of widgets.

Pricing Tag:

The Pro version comes with the pricing Tag and is a good option that can work with page builders and take control of the page builder.

Plugins scored Categories:

You have an idea of the features for browsing WooCommerce product editors, the most popular choices. The plugin score based on the total points depends on three categories.


A plugin’s cost shows its ability and value as well as expresses its quality features. Many of the plugins available in free versions are low-quality, making competitors no more than one or two points.


Each plugin receives a score based on its number of customization options. You can include settings available and design tools built for your customers in features tools, but complicated features will cost plugin points in the final category.

Use Experience:

A higher UX score achieves with the admin option and the easily understandable and essential tool to keeping a customer around the page from the starting process to the point of purchase.

The plugin with the highest score will be featured on the top, but the choice depends on the shop’s needs and customers.


WC Designer or Woolementor plugins enhance the overlook of stores. I hope you will find this guide very easy to create checkout pages in WooCommerce and find the comparison of Free vs. Pro.

The best Elementor version maybe depend on how and what are you going to use it for.

If you are Professional, Designs pages and websites, I will suggest the Elementor Pro version. You can complete tasks faster and in a much more effective way.

If you are a Generic User that I will recommend you to start with the free version. Once you start working with it and are serious about it, you can use it to design and upgrade the page.

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