best product designer plugins for woocommerce

Top 5 Best Product Designer Plugins for WooCommerce

Top 5 best product designer plugins for woocommerce

If you sell products online, allowing your customers to tailor and modify products is one of the most effective ways to enhance your relationship and increase sales. You must know about the 5 best product designer plugins for woocommerce.

Currently, all shoppers want to buy goods online and retailers have adapted to this by creating platforms that enable people to buy any household items from the comfort of their homes. But as everyone is moving online, it is quite difficult for online retailers to manually take orders and customize them based on the needs of the customers.

Luckily, just as with any problem that affects buying and selling of products online, designers came up with a way shoppers can easily customize products and save you a ton of time while enhancing conversions between you and your customers.

WooCommerce product designer plugins are the tools that you can install in your online store to allow shoppers to tailor products that suit their needs, thus increasing customer satisfaction as well as revenue.

Are you looking for a product designer for your WooCommerce? I have compiled a list of the top 5 best product designer plugins for your online shop that you can use to increase sales, enhance customer experiences, and attract new leads.

  1. Fancy Product Designer


Fancy Product Designer, commonly known as FPD Plugin, is an intuitive product designer plugin for WooCommerce.

It is known for being a powerful design tool that allows your online clients to tailor easily any type of product in your store in a variety of ways.

The plugin features a reliable and easy-to-use product customizer, which enables shoppers to customize nearly all aspects of all products.

With this plugin, there is no limit on the type of products or parts of the product that can be tailored.

It also features a product upload section and single product view zone as well as bounding boxes that add more flexibility and accurate customization.

The specifications and features of the FPD plugin mean that shoppers can upload images of the products they want to customize from any gadget – mobile, PC, tablet, or desktop. You can even upload it from your social media accounts.

Fancy Product Designer supports a wide range of image formats including PNG, SVG, and JPG among others.

Moreover, the tool also comes with a potent color picker, which allows customers to choose a color of their liking with just one click. Additionally, the FPD plugin also boasts a layering system that keeps track of your applied designs.

It is a flexible product designer and lets customers create the interface by using various layouts that enable them to design color, size as well as interface position, and choose from the ready-to-use layout.

Users of this product designer plugin can also alter its actions and modules to suit their needs. What I like most about this plugin is that it is highly responsive and can easily be used in any device interface without sacrificing its functionality.

How to use Fancy Product Designer

If you are looking to start using the Fancy Product Designer plugin for your WooCommerce site, here is a short guide on how to start.

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin. From there, you will be redirected to the Fancy Products dashboard where you can manage products.

From the Fancy Products dashboard, proceed using the steps below:

Step #1: Create your Fancy Products

Fancy Products entails easily customizable products in the FPD plugin, which will be demonstrated by the product designer and contain a variety of views, such as the back and the front side of a shirt.

  • Find the “New” tab to create a new product
  • Enter the title of the product in the popup field
  • The new fancy product will be displayed below, and you can add a thumbnail to the particular product by clicking the small thumbnail space to the left of the title of the product.
  • Add the new product to a specific category by clicking “Manage Categories”, then select the product and check the little box in the Categories board. Note that you can add a single product to different categories.

Step #2: Add views to your Fancy Product

When you add a view to your product, you allow people to see the product from multiple angles, such as the front and back sides of a shirt.

It is extremely easy to add views or views to your product in Fancy Product Designer.

  • Click the small + icon and add your product view
  • A popup message will ask for the title of the view
  • Add a thumbnail for the new product view

Step #3: Build the initial product

You can build an initial product in the Product Builder area by adding the image as well as text elements about your product.

  • Head over to the Product Builder dashboard and select the Product Builder or Layers icon in the views item list.
  • Add text elements or images through the Layers panel
  • From this section, you can adjust a variety of options for each element individually by selecting an element from the Layers or clicking on an element by the Product Stage.
  • If you choose to adjust the element from the Layers, you will be able to alter such things as the behavior and properties of the element.

There are two options in which you can start using Fancy Product Designer

Option one: Enable FPD in WooCommerce product

If you are using WordPress WooCommerce, you will first enable the FPD for each product separately.

  • Head over to the WooCommerce Products page area and choose a product from the list or create a new product
  • On the right of your screen, you will see the FPD meta box already added
  • You can add more Fancy Products separately or in multiple categories through the Source Type area.
  • Select categories or products from the dropdown menu. Note that you can add new or select a variety of products for different devices to enhance a display of a wide range of screens.
  • Publish and review your product page and once you add a price to your product, the Add to cart function will show automatically.

Option two: Add FPD in pages and posts

You can also add this product designer to your pages or posts using two shortcodes. However, the shortcodes are not a must for your WooCommerce products.

To add a product designer to your pages and posts, follow the steps below:

  • Create your page or post or choose the current one
  • Add the shortcodes [fpd] to load the product designer and [fpd_form] to send the tailored product to the owner of the site.

Features of Fancy Product designer

  • Responsive and lightweight
  • Allows shoppers to design and customize products
  • You can customize products in different ways
  • Advanced color picker feature
  • Allows customers to add multiple images
  • User-friendly layer system


  1. Lumise Product Designer


Coming at number two in our list of the best product designer plugins is Lumise Product Designer. This product designer tool is known for being among the best solution for print-on-demand online retail shops.

It comes with features that support all types of products and allows customers to design and customize just about anything on your online store.

Lumise features an intuitive interface, which makes it extremely easy for shoppers to design any type of product on the go.

With this product designer plugin, you will access everything you need to customize your products as well as add design options such as mask layer, photo effect, background removal, curved text, and many others.

Lumise Product Designer tool also lets users upload files as they design a product. It supports a comprehensive range of file types including JPG, PNG, PDF, JSON, and SVG, all of which are portrayed with extreme quality and are supported by all kinds of printing devices.

Perhaps the best thing about this plugin is that it is AI-powered, thus it is extremely easy to use for printing product designs in real-time.

Moreover, the plugin features a ready-to-use design template, which users can use to design several products on the go. Additionally, you can import the said templates easily to the products you want to customize.

Another feature that you will like about this product designer plugin is that it can set flexible prices easily for text, templates, and clipart, which helps you increase your revenue.

Lumise Product Designer plugin also comes with an instant workflow that allows your hoppers to design products effortlessly as well as include them in the cart in just a few clicks.

This plugin is a design tool that can be used to print any type of product. It is designed with JavaScript + HTML5 technology and is focused on your user interaction, offering a one-stop solution for an innovative online print store solution for your WooCommerce store.

If you are concerned about clipart, your shoppers can use over 2+ cliparts including Penclipart and Pixabay with more than 120,000 elements.

Customers can also easily export their creations and equally import them from a different device.

Lumise also supports a wide range of languages and you can switch between them depending on your preferences. The languages are automatically translated in the admin panel and users can even put their translation into the text.

Moreover, social media is pre-built into this plugin and you can find ready-to-use templates from social accounts including Instagram and Facebook.

The plugin also offers a discrete basket system that shoppers can use to add their product and customize it.

The text effect is also top of the line, and you can create your text with smoother, convex-concave, oblique, or fisheye effects. There are also effect filters, which are a universal tool that users can use to edit photos.

Its flexible editing section allows you to navigate it using a mouse and you can even set a radius in the zone.

How to use Lumise Product Designer Plugin

This product is easy to use. The plugin offers a comprehensive solution for all your online printing shop needs. It provides you and your online shoppers with the freedom to edit and tailor any type of printable product.

To use this product, follow these simple, short steps:

Step #1: Install the plugin

First, you need to install the Lumise Product Designer. It is quite easy to install and you will be done with just a few clicks. Just choose from the WordPress or PHP version to get started.

Step #2: Design your product in the Lumise dashboard

Once you have installed the plugin, you can start designing in the editor by just dragging and dropping your elements.

Step #3: Finish your order

Every time a shopper completes their product order, you will receive their customized product instantly through email.

Why Lumise product designer is different from others

From its intuitive user interface to the simple-to-use editor, there are many reasons why Lumise Product Designer is different from other Product Designer plugins for Woo-Commerce.

  • Readily available file to print: Each file design in Lumise can be exported with 300 DPI and be used instantly.
  • An abundance of free resources: There are more clipart as well as over 30 templates once you purchase the plugin.
  • Free premium theme: This premium theme comes with a plugin after you buy it.
  • Support both table and mobile: Shoppers can design via their devices and then order on your online shop.
  • More than 800 Google fonts: With this plugin, you can choose from more than 800 Google fonts and add it to your system.
  • Languages translation: The plugin can translate languages using API and even supports RTL languages.
  • Infinite print methods: You have unlimited ways to print your products using Lumise Product Designer.
  • Great support system: The team behind this plugin works every day very hard to ensure that you have a nice experience.
  • Extremely easy-to-use plugin: You don’t need special skills to use the Lumise Product Designer plugin. It has easy to use interface and is easy to install.

In terms of pricing, the license for a single site costs around $54, and it includes lifetime plugin updates as well as lifetime customer support, all for free.

When you consider the great features of Lumise, that price feels like quite a steal.

  1. WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

    WooCommerce Custom Product Designer - Best Product designer plugins for woocommerce

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer is a popular product designer plugin that comes with easy to use interface that doesn’t require special skills to use.

Your shoppers don’t need coding skills to edit and customize their products before buying. Looking at the features of this plugin, it is a one-stop-shop solution for probably all of your design and print needs. You and your customers can customize just about any type of product on any device.

It features a very effective product designer tool you need to increase sales and customer conversation. In addition to being responsive, it also functions with vectors, meaning customers can simply drag and drop their creations to resize, change design areas, and utilize short layers of images among others.

The plugin also features some impressive configuration options, which allow you to configure features like print configuration, price configuration, vector output SVG, language management, and many others.

Customers can even tailor the interface and even decide to change the color, size, as well as position of the interface while setting up a tailored layout for products.

Moreover, the plugin also lets shoppers save, share, and reuse designs on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest.

How to start using WooCommerce Product Designer

Step #1: Download and install

Download the plugin from its official website and upload it to your WooCommerce site. Install the plugin and activate its extension.

Step #2: Configure the plugin

General setup

  • If you intend to have customers design each product before buying, then be sure to activate “Enable Product Customization”.
  • Choose the page that you wish to load the designer at the Product designer Page
  • Upload the logo for your product designer site at the Product Designer Page Loge section
  • Edit the title of the product or service page at the Product Designer Page Title
  • The Shop page will be automatically sent by the Shop URL but you can customize the URL to suit your needs
  • Include a favicon to your Product Designer page by clicking the Product Designer Page Favicon.
  • If you want, you can edit the content of the footer of the Designer Page by heading over to the Footer Content for the Designer Page.
  • You can decide to prohibit product customization at the Hide Product Customization on Mobile, which will prevent customization of products on mobile gadgets.

User Restrictions

  • When you install WooCommerce Product Designer, it allows all users to customize and design products. However, you can restrict this function to specific user roles or users by using the Product can be Customized by feature.
  • You can also compel your customers to log into your website before beginning to customize the product by going to the Force Guest users to Login Before Customization feature.

Display settings

You can do plenty of things when it comes to displaying settings including:

  • Customizing the customized product button label
  • Display the button on single product pages
  • Display the button in a variety of locations and not just at the Add to Cart. Head over to Single Product Page Customize Button Position to do this.
  • You can also show the customize function on Category and Shop pages by activating the Display Customize Button on Category and Shop Pages.
  • You can display a short preview of the product being customized in the cart by going to Product Customization Info in Cart Page. Moreover, you can also depict a short preview of the customized product on the user account page.
  • You can edit the appearance and touch of the plugin’s Customize button using a short CSS class, which can be included in the Customize Button Additional Class section.
  • The plugin comes with a default setting that does not charge customers a fee when they use the image for customizing the product, but you can change this setting if you want to charge a fee by going to the Fee for Image Upload section.

Text settings

In terms of text setting, you can customize the following:

  • You can charge a small fee when customers want to add a fee by going to Charge a Fee setting.
  • Additionally, you can also set the minimum character count that customers will be charged by going to the Number of Characters setting option.

Features of WooCommerce Product Designer

  • Modules: This product designer plugin comes with up to 5 modules that can all be used for customizing and designing the product.
  • Images: This module allows shoppers to upload their images to customize and design the product. You can choose to charge a small fee when customers use the images from the plugin library.
  • Cliparts: Cliparts in this product design are ready-to-use image templates that shoppers can use to customize or design their products before buying.
  • Text: Users can include text in the design they are creating and can use font color, font size, and font family. However, you can charge a small fee for this feature if you like.
  • Shapes: The shapes that come with the plugin are.SVG ready-to-use files that can be used instantly to design and customize products.
  • Templates: Shoppers can use a wide range of templates to customize and design the product, though you can choose to charge them for using this feature.
  • Messages: You can design the error and notices messages depicted on the cart page and product page.
  • Localization: In the Localization zone, you can design the labels that are depicted on the cart page, product designer page, My Account as well as checkout page.

WooCommerce Product Base

In this plugin, Product Bases mean the starting point and are what you need to design the product.

Benefits of WooCommerce Product Base

  • Supports many printing methods
  • Design all sorts of products
  • Effective product designer plugin
  • Design products using a file vector.SVG
  • Users can create designs and customizations easily and buy products
  • No need for coding skills to use this plugin.
  • Comes with a variety of configurations on the dashboard
  • Features a design library.


  1. WooCommerce Multistep Product Designer


This extremely reliable and easy-to-use product designer plugin can allow customers at all levels to customize and design products before purchasing.

The multistep in its name is because the process of customization is done in multiple steps, such as multiple designers, multiple products, as well as cost calculator tools, and much more.

Using this plugin, shoppers can design any type of product such as perfumes, gift boxes, clothing, mugs, product packs, gift cards, and much more.

It comes with some powerful tool for customizing products that allows you together with your customers to customize product through its multi-step layer design.

With this tool, you can access a variety of customization options, including uploading images and more. Design layers can be resized, rotated, and even dragged.

As an admin, you can delete, add, or order elements based on demand from the users. Moreover, this plugin is completely responsive on mobile, PC, and desktop and supports cross-browser.

You can sell just about any type of product that needs additional tweaks and customization by the customer, including services that need multiple selections, such as graphic design, web design, custom applications, SEO and social, and much more. Additionally, you can also create relationships between different form steps via an effective conditional system and set up specific details such as prices.

The plugin is integrated fully into the WooCommerce platform and utilizes WooCommerce features such as product management, shopping cart, shipping, and payment system. Once you link your forms to the platform, they can be added automatically to WooCommerce at the last stage.

Customers will always get a computed cost for the product or service they requested in every step of customization depending on the items or the feature they use in their design process. Shoppers can also customize their product of choice using the effective multi-layer product designer and get the estimated cost before adding it to the cart.

Installing WooCommerce Multi-Step Product Designer Plugin

Installing this plugin is quite straightforward and should take you just a few minutes to finish. You can install this product designer tool in two ways, but installing it directly in your WordPress is the easiest way.

Follow the steps below to install the WooCommerce Multi-Step Product Designer Plugin

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins > Add new.
  • Click ‘Upload Plugin’ to upload the download product designer. Select the plugin zip files from your computer hard drive and then click ‘Install Now” to upload and finally install the product designer. Once you have uploaded and installed it, you will be redirected to ‘activate a plugin’ where you should click activate to activate the newly uploaded plugin.
  • By clicking ‘Activate Plugin’ you will complete the installation process and now the product designer is ready to use.

The second option for installing this product includes the following steps manually:

  • Extract the product designer zip file that you downloaded to a location of your choice on your hard drive.
  • Upload the extracted zip file to your website using the cPanel of your web hosting or FTP client.
  • Open your dashboard and click ‘Install Plugins’.
  • Once you have installed it, you will the product designer in the list of your plugins
  • Click ‘Activate’ below the plugin to activate and start using the plugin.

Getting started with WooCommerce Multistep Product Designer

Attribute thumbnail and description

You can set your thumbnail on the Attributes page as well as short info about the attribute. This plugin will include an additional space to set an attribute thumbnail. The size of the thumbnail can be customized through the dimensions you set in the General setting for your ‘Single Product Image’.

Required hook

This hook should be in the content-single-product.php if you use a theme with tailored WooCommerce ready-to-use templates and you must remove it from the theme author.

The hooks is: do_action( ‘woocommerce_single_product_summary’ ) ;

Without the above hook, the module will not be portrayed on the front end.

Features of WooCommerce Multistep Product Designer Plugin

This plugin comes with several great features including:

  • Clickable steps: Customers can simply click on the step directly to navigate the process. This is in addition to the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ buttons.
  • Reliable validation: The step-by-step validation is usually done at the final stage of the checkout process when shoppers click the ‘Place Order’ function. You can activate the step-by-step validation process and let customers know of errors before they move to the next step.
  • You can include the registration form in the login step: WooCommerce only allows login forms by default on the checkout page, but you will be sent to a different page for user registration. But now you can decide to put the registration form with the login form inside the login process.
  • Add a thumbnail of a product to the Order Review: With this feature, you can make your checkout process a little bit easy to navigate by including the product’s thumbnail in the page Order Review.
  • Easy to customize: You have three-step display styles namely Material Design, Default, as well as Breadcrumbs. Each display style allows you to adjust the color according to your web design.
  • Translation ready: Another great feature of this product designer plugin is the WPML ready, which means it can be translated into different languages so that you can use it with multilingual sites.
  • Supported by all themes: This plugin is compatible with almost all important WordPress themes including Bridge, Porto, Flatsome, Storefront, Shopkeeper, Divi, the Retailer, and Enfold.

In terms of pricing, a single license to use WooCommerce Multi-Step Product Plugin costs $28, a package that also comes with lifetime plugin updates for free and 6 months of free customer support.

  1. Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

    5 best product designer plugins - Interactive-Product-Designer-for-WooCommerce---best-product-designer-plugins-for-woocommerce

Just as the name of this plugin suggests, the Interactive Product Designer plugin for WooCommerce is a highly interactive product designer that lets customers and shoppers design effortlessly any type of product or service, including graphic designs, caps, bags, t-shirts, mugs, aprons, and sportswear among others.

It comes with a highly intuitive user interface that allows shoppers of all skill levels to easily customize and design products to suit their specifications.

Shoppers can add a variety of design elements to their products, such as clipart, text, colors, images, fonts, varied alignments, and resizing among many other elements.

You probably will love this plugin because it allows users to upload an image or a logo to any area of the product they are customizing. Moreover, it also offers existing logos that users can important without a hassle while designing their products.

After designing their products, shoppers can then preview the design before they could make a final decision to add it to the cart.

As for you as the admin of the plugin, you have some robust options when it comes to controlling the backend and admin area. For starters, it features an easy-to-use admin panel from where you can easily manage every facet of the design features.

Another thing, you can easily set up your company phone number as well as the logo from your admin backend. This also allows you to activate or deactivate the design for specific products or services on your online store.

In general, this product designer comes with some great features and it is easy to download, install, set up, and use, making it one of the most reliable and effective product designer plugins for WooCommerce.

While providing product customization and design features is quite common, especially with hundreds of product designers out there, an Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce from Zakekeoffers is the best way to manage that process very well.

This is a powerful and one of the most effective tools that can allow your customers to design and customize just about any type of product and envision how it will appear before making the final decision of buying.

How to get started with Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

To start using this product, just follow the steps below:

  • Install the product designer in your WooCommerce online store
  • Create the catalog of your customizable products and services
  • Publish the products and services online
  • Start receiving customers

With this plugin, you don’t have to ever prepare proof or hear complaints from angry shoppers because they will always get a sense of how the product or service will look before buying. This also means you will receive fewer returns, refunds, and more revenues and five-star ratings.

Features of Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

Once you have installed this plugin to your WooCommerce online store, you can start with a free trial and see if the features and functions suit the products you are selling. During the free trial period, you will be able to access features such as:

  • Images and clipart: You can upload a collection of ready-to-use artwork for customers to reuse to design and customize products in just minutes.
  • Text customization: Your clients can add text to the products as well as edit their orientation, color, size, rotation, and favorite fonts.
  • Own images: In addition to allowing you to upload ready-to-use images, customers are also allowed to upload images they like and use to create designs they like.
  • Premium images: There are more than 140 million HD artworks and images accessible to customers. These images have been created by professionals all around the world.
  • Product variations: This feature allows shoppers to change sizes, colors, as well as styles to fit what they are looking for.
  • Real-time three-dimensional preview: Shoppers can view 3D models of the designs they have created and can even zoom in, move around, and rotate.
  • Product configurator: With this feature, your customers can actually create their model of your product or service by selecting components, customizing materials and colors, as well as changing elements.
  • Augmented reality: Customers can also enjoy the use of augmented to present the three-dimensional model of the product they want to buy.

Benefits of Interactive Product Designer for WooCommerce

Using this product designer for your WooCommerce online store has many benefits, including the numerous great features I have just highlighted above. But here are some other reasons you should use this plugin.

  • Absolute control over pricing: When you use this tool, you have full control over pricing for customization. This means you can increase the purchase value of your products, thus allowing you to increase your margins.
  • Compatible with most print-on-demand products: All you have to do s define that part of the product you want to customize and you are good to go.
  • Mobile-friendly: The interface of this product designer works perfectly with all kinds of screens including mobile.
  • Great customer support: The team behind this product designer is always a text or email away and ready to help.


The above is a list of the top 5 best product designer plugins for WooCommerce that can help you increase your customer interactions and sales.

By installing, setting up, and using any of these product designers, you online shoppers can effortlessly customer and design any product and service the way they feel suits their needs.

Every product designer product included in this list is lightweight and highly interactive (responsive), and will without a doubt add that robust aspect to your customization and design process and satisfy your customers.

I hope you find one product designer plugin for your WooCommerce online store from the five I have listed. I should mention that they are not all the same and thus you should use these differences in features and functions to make a decision. If this post has helped you in any way, I will appreciate it if you share the post with your friends or followers.

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