Top 5 Best product customization shopify Apps

Top 5 Best Product Customization Shopify Apps

Top 5 Best Product Customization Shopify Apps

I understand how hectic the life of an entrepreneur can be. Sometimes it is so busy that you don’t have time to research how to improve your customer interaction and communication or product delivery. With that in mind, I have taken the liberty of doing the heavy lifting and compiling a list of the top 5 best Product Customization Shopify apps.

But what is a Product Customization Shopify App? If you are wondering what it is, this is basically a third-party product (not designed or provides by Shopify) that allows online shoppers to customize and design their products before adding to the cart. Depending on the software that you use, customers can choose from your library, add text or upload their own images, select from different colors, and much more.

These apps are used most commonly to customize products such as tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, caps, stickers, and business cards among many others. They give store owners a chance to allow shoppers to express their individuality, thus enhancing their relationship and ultimately increasing sales.


What to look for when choosing the best Product Customization Shopify apps


This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a Product Customization Shopify app for your online store. You don’t want an app that is limited only to Magneto or WooCommerce.

Available Options:

Another thing to consider is Shopify custom product options as these will allow you to customize and design any product in any way you want.

Customer service:

One thing you want to avoid is a product riddled with glitches. Make sure that the product you choose works all the time and that the team behind it is responsive and helpful whenever you need them.


Product Customization Shopify Apps

  1. Infinite Options

Infinite Product Options is one of the leading Product Customization Shopify apps on the market today. It provides entrepreneurs with an easy way to design products on their Shopify website. It is very easy to get started with this product customization app. However, before installing the app, make sure you replicate your live theme for caution. Nevertheless, once you have installed the application, you can start to enjoy features such as drop-down menus, swatches, schedules, numbers, text, and checkboxes among many others.

  • You can also encourage shoppers to customize their products to monogram, engrave, and personalized print, among many others.
  • With this app, you can increase the average size of orders on your online store by using the product package feature.
  • This is arguably the best product personalizer Shopify app that you can use to increase your sales as well as offer your customers a great shopping experience.
  • You will have great flexibility with this product customization app, giving you more options to upsell products to existing and potential customers.

Check out the pricing options feature that allows you to include extra charges when customers make extra customizations on products. Moreover, you can hide or display options based on the choices and preferences of your customers. Once a customer placed an order, you will receive the summary of the order detailing the product and customer specifications. You can your customers can design and personalize items using custom text boxes and file uploads.

Note: The app requires upgrades and add-ons if you want to enjoy more features.

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  1. Product Options and Customizer

This 3D product configurator Shopify application is designed to allow you to add extra options to your online products to convince shoppers to buy and subsequently increase your conversion rate. You can use this app to display rations or options for a particular product.

To enjoy its benefits, you need first to install the app (Product Options and Customizer app) to your Shopify store and set up all the options.

Product Options ad Customizer has plenty of positive reviews from users and is considered one of the most popular Shopify custom product options apps on the market. It lets you add an infinite number of customizing and designing options including text entries, drop-downs, file uploads, calendar dates, checkboxes, pictures, radio buttons, heck or files to a group, collection, thousands, or just a single product.

But it is not completely free. The premium package comes with features such as conditional logic to hide or show a variety of options based on customer selections, instant price adjustments, and editable cart.

This is evidently one of the most powerful and effective passes for Shopify store owners and a must-have for any merchant selling detailed products.

Using this app, you can apply an infinite amount of combinations to your web pages. The add-on pricing option allows you to add a per-option pricing feature to increase your sales.

Last but not least, the crew behind this product offers 24/7 tech support for free. All you need to do is configure the app and you are good to go.

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  1. Product Personalizer

Do you want your customer to view a live preview of your product? If the answer is yes, then you should totally use Product Personalizer. This app will make your online shoppers feel great about buying from you as it will enhance buying experience as well as trust between you and them. While other Shopify apps for custom products still let you create a variety of options for your items, they don’t allow for a visual change, and the Product Personalizer app is here to fill that gap.

This app will provide you with an ideal solution for the need for custom product design and customization, especially on products such as t-shirts, pillows, wallets, packages, jewelry, bag, watch, shoes, and just about anything else. It allows customers to create options for different products with an option to view the changes instantly.

Moreover, it also supports all great features including conditional logic, extra pricing for custom options, bulk actions as well as a translation tool for text among others. With this app, your customers will easily add text to a product, upload images, and so on.

Online shoppers tend to love it when they can add their personal touch on products before buying. Ideally, shoppers will flock to a store that offers them a platform to fully express their creative side in the manner that they want. And when they get involved in the design and customization process, they develop a great connection to not only your brand but also your products. Get the Product Personalizer app now and increase your sales!

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  1. T-shirt & Product Design Studio

If you own a Shopify store, you will love the options this app provides. First and foremost, the support system is out of this world with the team helping you configure everything. Your custom theme will not be affected by the installation of this product. The team will walk you through from the start to finish and you will get this app on your site in no time. If you want to offer your customers simple customization, then look no further than T-shirt & Product design Studio as the product customizer software of choice.

Installing this product means allowing your customers to plan anything on any kind of product.

Looking for your customers to get some innovative highlights? You can tweak this app to give shoppers those mind-blowing highlights.

T-shirt & Product Design Studio looks extremely cool and will no doubt help you increase your sales. Customized products are known for being wonderful anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and Halloween gifts, therefore, with this product customizer software, you can be sure to improve your sales every day and during the festive seasons.

And as the name suggests, this app is an ideal application if you want to allow your customers to create some cool customized t-shirts. It is equipped with tools and features that help simplify the entire process. Moreover, it is easy to use and you can see in real-time as the design takes the desired appearance as you add images, texts, and other useful elements.

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  1. Zakeke Product Customizer

Zakeke is another great product personalizer Shopify app that is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Shopify. It is also the first platform that offers 3D product configurator Shopify services for real-time preview.

It features a sleek and user-friendly interface that simply makes it fun and exciting for online shoppers to design their own items before placing an order. Customers can select from your design library, customize the product with options or upload their own images and designs. They can also add text, change colors, or customize the product with cool images. The real-time three-dimensional preview enables customers to view the product before adding it to the cart, thus ensuring that they receive exactly the design they wanted, without some chaotic back and forths.

You can also use this product customizer software without owning an inventory. With this product, you can access notable print-on-demand service providers such as CustomCat and Printful. When your customers fill out their orders, they are processed automatically, fulfilled, and immediately shipped to them by the supplier.

Packages on this product are packaged according to the number of customizable items you require. This, however, might hinder stores that need a large number of products while great for stores that are looking to offer just a few particular products.

The features of this product customizer include a fast and user-friendly interface, real-time three-dimensional preview, mobile responsive, 14-day free trial, cloud-based, integration with print-on-demand platforms, and responsive customer support team.

After the 14-day trial has ended, you can start paying from $6.99 a month depending on your needs.

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