Top 5 Best 3D Product Customization Shopify Apps

Top 5 Best 3D Shopify Product Customizer Apps

5 Best 3D Shopify product customizer Apps


3D Shopify product customizer apps are a great way to enhance and retain customers on your online stores. These plugins help the customer to design their customized products in a three-dimensional fashion. In this way, they know what they are buying, and hence there are minimal customer complaints.

Customization is a vital aspect of the Shopify store. If you are about to launch your online store which sells personalized products, then you’re at the right place. Because today we will review the five best 3D customizations Shopify apps for you and your customers.

A Brief Introduction To 3D Shopify product customizer Apps

A 3D product customizer software is a program that allows the shop owner and the buyer to design custom products. In the 3D app, the customer can see every aspect of their selected product for personal satisfaction, reducing complaints and giving them more control over their choice.

All you need to do is buy one of the most used 3D product customization Shopify apps and integrate it with your store. You’ll see that your customers will enjoy the wide variety of personalization present in your store.

Ideal Qualities Of a Shopify Product Customizer

There are a ton of shopify product customizer apps present nowadays. However, not all of them have ideal characters. The main features that a product customizer should contain are as follows.

  • They should possess simple integration. So a beginner and one with zero expertise in product designing can shape and personalize their product.
  • A three-dimensional view is vital. With the help of a 3D view, the buyer can see every side of the product and customize every aspect of it.
  • The application should offer a variety of merchandise customization. Whether it’s shorts, fabric, mugs, kitchenware, jewelry, or other stuff, a good app will serve you in every field.
  • The customer service of apps should be fast and helpful. They should guide a new shop owner regarding their ideal design, so no glitches in product launching.
  • A good plugin should also be able to design a 3D product on demand by the shop owner. So they have the option to add any product they want in their store.
  • A free trial is a must, so the owner can check and see if an application is compatible to buy or not.

Even though these qualities can be hard to find in a single app, with our five best 3D product customization Shopify apps, you’ll get a maximum of these qualities in a single program.


Here Are The 5 Best 3D product customizer Apps

1. Angle 3D Configurator

Angle-3D-Configurator - 3D Product Customization Shopify Apps

Either your customer opens your shopify product customizer store on mobile or the computer, they’ll get the exact and straightforward integration they will require all time. With a simple interface and 3D model rendering, the buyers will see precisely what they are buying.

You can effortlessly include any item in your Shopify store as they give you three-dimensional designs of almost every customizable product. Also, you can ask them to build a 3D design of any specific object to add to your store. Overall, it is an easy plugin that you can get and add to your store.

For your customer ease, there are no hidden charges. With 3D personalization, you can see how much your product will cost once it’s done. Your consumer can easily see the bill of the accessory they are buying.

The price point is also pretty flexible. Angle 3D product customizer software offers four packages ranging from twenty-nine to two hundred dollars. Also, to ensure that this application suits your program, it provides a free trial of 14 days where you can analyze and enjoy this plugin on your store.

Overall, it’s one of the best 3D product customization Shopify apps that you can get as a beginner and an expert.


  • Simple interface
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited variations
  • Great customer service


  • Inconsistent pricing


2. Spiff 3D Product Customizer

Spiff 3D Product Customizer - Product Customizer Software

Do you remember the customized bottles of coca-cola that increased their market revenue up to many times? Their personalization was led by a spiff 3D customizer. Either it’s fonts, logos, designs, or patterns, anything is possible to create when using spiff with your store.

Taking you out of the two-dimensional world, spiff provides its customers with 3D models on their website to give total freedom to customers to show their creativity. Moreover, these models are so realistic, giving an accurate life-like final product model to the users.

Many shopify product customizer applications don’t allow consumers to upload and design a pattern of their own. Spiff ridicules this blame by adding an upload option for their customers. So the people can upload their favorite design and render it on the object they want to buy.

Not only that, there are no bounds to creativity. You can build up your design from scratch by choosing any pattern, texture, colors, font, etc. When you give this much freedom to your customers, there is no doubt that your conversion rates will increase exponentially.

The augmented reality feature of this application offers customers to see their customized products in reality. All they need is to upload videos to the product page, and by scanning the barcode, they can enter the world of augmented reality.

There is not only one product to experiment on, but you can include or exclude any ornaments with it. In short, you can add various combinations of products in your store and allow a free hand to users to enjoy this combination. Along with that, this application is highly compatible with desktop and mobile versions of your stores.

Lastly, the monthly charges of spiff are reasonable. In conclusion, getting such a variety of features for 99 dollars per month with a free trial is a good deal to consider.


  • 3D rendering
  • Allow file uploading
  • Hyper-reality items
  • Customizable fonts


  • Little pricey


3. Zakeke Product Customizer

Zakeke Product Customizer - 3D Product Customizer

Are you a new Shopify store owner or planning to launch one soon? Then you’ll need proper research as well as guidance to sell the best-customized products to your customers. What if we tell you that there’s an app that offers impressive product customization as well as client guidance? You are right! We are talking about Zakeke.

Zakeke offers detailed guidance and answers to your queries from planning to launch. It improves and makes your store ideas come into reality. It will give your every customizable product a three-dimensional view with a variety of editing or layering a buyer can do to personalize it.

Its production is based upon printing on demand, so you won’t need to stock up on your product. Instead, it will print your product when there’s an order, minimizing material loss. Production and personalization are unlimited.

With this Shopify product customizer app, you will never hear any customer complaints. It offers a three-dimensional hyper-real view that matches precisely with the original post-production item. Moreover, the customer can see out in their houses through AR viewing technology for further customer assurance.

One thing that you’ll enjoy the most is your pricing. You can charge the buyers for different customizing implementations they did, which are extra. Moreover, you can set different prices for every customizable product. This app is compatible with many plugins like printful, zapier, shopney, etc.

One flaw that we should mention is they take a significant chunk out of your selling money. Not only do you have to pay a monthly bill, but you also give a part of the money from your profit to them.

You can check this application in a free trial before getting the premium version. They do not contain any kind of free version to use.


  • Simple usage
  • AR technology
  • Choice in pricing
  • Compatible with other plugins


  • Deduct a handsome amount from your profit


4. Threekit 3D Automation

Threekit 3D Configuration & AR - Shopify Product Customizer Software

Get realistic product designs without getting into the fuss of cost calculations and store management. Threekit AR is here for you as one of the most efficient product customization Shopify apps to get. With threekit, the customization, as well as the life-like appearance of items, is surreal.

With only one design file, it will help the buyer and store owner create and customize the products and shoe them in three-dimensional form. The images are life-like in appearance and exactly resemble the delivered finished product to make customers happy.

Above all, there is no need to get stuck on pricing and cost calculation. We are saying so because threekit will do it for you. This Shopify product customizer will give you the cost of material as well as an estimate of the profit that you’ll generate.

The client guidance is very impressive. With many experienced threekit representatives, it gets easier to solve any query related to the store. Moreover, you can get a lot of creative ideas and business tips to run your store successfully.

There are various patterns, textures, colors, and any artistic way to elevate the look of a single item according to your taste. This keeps the customers engaged in designing their product and urges them for a revisit to your store.

Giving a spotlight to its integration, It’s an easy program to connect with your store. Moreover, user-friendliness allows more customers to create their mark of personalization on a variety of products. It supports mobile as well as the desktop version. Overall, it’s simple to use while being limitless in creativity.


  • Easy setup
  • Simple interface
  • Variety of customization
  • Responsive customer service


  • Tricky to use sometimes


5. 3D and Augmented Reality

3D & Augmented Reality - Shopify Product Customizer App

Your mind and their hard work, doesn’t it sound like a great idea? This has been made into a reality with this program. With the help of this product customization Shopify app, you can easily create a 3D product model from a 2D source.

In some terms, you can submit an item that you want in your store in 2D imaging. Then the designers will furnish it to create a three-dimensional life-like model. The only vital thing you have to do is to pour an idea and click to generate it.

The main benefit of using this three-dimensional designer is that it allows the buyer to view every nook and corner of the item. Secondly, it helps them to customize it for every angle, leaving their signature statement on it.

Another critical feature is high-quality augmentation. It helps the user to personalize the project, like furniture or any showpiece that complements their home. They can place that designer product in their home through 3D augmentation. Overall, you can examine these products through virtual reality before placing an order.

Along with that, you can also include some product details and an instruction manual on the product’s barcode. In this way, the customer can scan and follow the instructions or videos that you’ve uploaded on that QR area.

Overall, this 3D customizer is a necessity to have in store. But it’s still hard to present it to your customer because of its tricky usage. But once you get used to it, it works as smooth as a sharp knife. That’s the reason why we enjoy using this plugin for different Shopify stores related to customization.


  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • Easy item designing
  • AR supportive
  • Barcode scanning information is available


  • Hard usage for customers


Final Words

This article is entirely based around the five best 3D Shopify product customizer apps for your online store known as a source of income. Along with that, we also discussed the vitality of having some main qualities in a product customization app like its simple interface, 3D view, an analysis of profit and personalization, and much more.

Later we also talked about our top five 3D product customization Shopify apps that one can get for the online business. No doubt, these programs offer fantastic service along with excellent three-dimensional customization and analysis at affordable prices.

We hope that this piece provided you with enough information. If you have any queries, kindly leave us a message below so we can get back to you.

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