top 10 managed wordpress hosting

Top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting – Complete Details

Top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting

Are you searching for the best managed WordPress hosting with complete detail? To get complete information about the top 10 managed WordPress hosting, you need to know its work procedure.

A managed WordPress is a hosting package designed for quickly building and managing WordPress websites.

The word “Managed” for WordPress is used for the web hosting responsibility for server-related tasks like maintaining your website, monitoring server performance, backup manager, website optimizing, and handling security issues.

So, will you be provided with complete details in this informative guide related to what is managed WordPress hosting? Compared to other hosting, charges for their services, and companies that offer a free plan for new customers.

Top 10 managed WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting checks the technical factors of WordPress, permitting you to pay attention to developing and sharing fantastic content.

There is a list of top 10 Managed WordPress Hosting features, plans, and pricing that you can decide the best for a business.

1- Bluehost
2- SiteGround
3- WP Engine
4- Godday
5- Kinsta
6- Liquid Web
7- Convesio
8- Dreamshot
9- Pagely
10- Flywheel

1- Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most popular and renowned companies in the web hosting industry. Your blog will be on a fully managed and highly optimized platform with WP Pro hosting.

You can launch an unlimited number of websites, domain names, and sub-domains and set up unlimited disk storage or bandwidth.


  • Upgrade to a higher-up plan
  • Comes with un-limited sites, disc space, and traffic
  • Have a fully managed experience
  • Staging environment, instant WordPress installation
  • CDN enabled to site with 24/7 customer support
  • Available with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It has no monthly billing option minimum of 1 year
  • Offers only Linux based hosting
  • Lack of customization of VPS and Dedicated plan


Build: 19.95/month

Grow: 29.95/month

Scale: 49.95/month

top 10 managed wordpress hosting - best managed wordpress hosting

2- SiteGround

Managed WordPress hosting SiteGround comes with the cheapest plans and offers both to bloggers, non-technical people, and builders who want advanced functions like Git integration and staging areas.

The GoGeek plan is the best option to test with the platform on its own, other than getting all of the standard hosting capabilities that come out of the box.


  • officially recommended it
  • PCI compliance fee for e-commerce
  • Included with CDN and SSD drivers
  • It comes with multiple websites on a single account
  • Support with two h hours in a week
  • Restores features with free backup


  • cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan for most high-traffic sites
  • Sometimes loggings may create issues
  • Available with paid domain


StartUp: It starts from 3.69/month, and its start-up plan is $14.99/month with an initial payment of $3.99, with one website, and 10 GB of web space, suit for 10,000 visitors.

GrowBig: $6.69 per month with 20GB wen space, 100,000 visits monthly.

GoGeek: This plan starts from $3.99/month with a $10.69 initial price, 40 GB webspace, and 10,000 visitors.

WordPress Hosting

3- WP Engine

WP Engine offers supreme features of the top 10 managed WordPress hosting plans at multiple price points.

The starting plan is pretty basic and includes all the core functionality that most people need to get up and running with WordPress. Its middle-tier plan includes everything in the first plan plus additional add-ons.


  • CDN for all plans and free automated migration
  • Great scalability for websites growing, and traffic
  • Chat support is available 24hr a week
  • Its “Growth Plan” provide phone support calls 24/7
  • Provide free access and Genesis Framework
  • Use of more than 35 Studio Press WordPress themes


  • It costs us $1 per every 1000 visits with high overage
  • WP Engine modified to native WordPress code, making it hard to move to another host.
  • The add-ons may be costly for WordPress Multisite, geo-targeting, and additional sites.


Wp Engine prices plan from $25/month with 10 GB local storage, 50GB bandwidth, and 25000 visitors per month. The other Hosting plans increase the number of sites, visitors, and storage space and are priced at $59/month, $115/month, and $290/month.

  • $34/month for a single site and $ 310 for multiple sites are available.
  • $20/month due to selection of annual billing includes a 60-day risk-free guarantee.
  • Secure Hosting Plan starts from $53/month and goes up to $350/month.

4- GoDaddy

GoDaddy creates a domain that automatically updates with a custom URL, and their managed WordPress hosting plans provide desirable server performance with cutting-edge technology and additional protection functions.

This company has been releasing several WordPress products lately and creating a better traffic-heavy WordPress website.


  • Managed WordPress hosting Godaddy has a quick SSD storage
  • One-click staging sites for all websites
  • Provides backups up to 90 days
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • Affordable for launching five websites
  • Scans the daily malware automatically


  • Need to be careful going through the checkout process
  • Most of the additional offers are enabled by default
  • Not the most accessible host to leave it due to the need


Godaddy WordPress hosting prices:

Managed WordPress hosting Godaddy

5- Kinsta

Kinsta is one of the best top 10 managed WordPress hosting-only WordPress sites and provided high-quality support for running a successful blog.

It is a premium solution with a highly optimized platform, ready to take on many visitors, automatically scaling, supporting SSH, WP-CLI, Git, integrating a CDN, and offering many more perks.


  • More affordable with additional benefits
  • Offer a “small business” version
  • CDN enables users to get a faster content delivery
  • Support auto-scaling, SSL, WP-CPI, Git
  • A self-hosted WordPress solution
  • Provides 1440 daily up-time checks per website


  • Provide the cheapest rate of $29.17, which may be more than some other options.
  • The lower-priced plans have a relatively low monthly visits
  • Only one month of free hosting available for a limited time offer


  • Kinsta plans start from $35/month with one website and 10GB of space
  • $70/month with two websites, 22GB disk space
  • $115/month with five websites, 30GB disk space
  • $225/month with ten websites, 40GB disk space
  • $340/month with 20 websites, 50GB disk space
  • $450/month with 40 websites, 60GB disk space
  • $675/month with 60 websites, 200GB disk space
  • $1000/month with 80 websites and 150GB of disk space
  • $1350/month with 120 website installs and 200GB disc space
  • $1650/month with 150 website installs,250GB disc space

6- Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides agencies and online professionals with multiple websites, from Cloud VPS to custom solutions.

It is beneficial due to its solid speed, security, and customer support for larger enterprises and has a quality managed to host several websites.


  • Plans supporters anywhere from 10 to 50 sites
  • Provides daily, automated backups
  • Defines staging areas for a test to site.
  • A complimentary SSL with developed tools including Git and SSH
  • Provide customer support 24/7 by the chatbox
  • A reasonable monthly price for ten website hosting


  • Hosting available for a developed companies
  • Available a hosting with fewer sites
  • Maybe create some downtime issues


Available with 14 days free trial, further pricing plans are included:

  • Start from $19/m, and $13.30 for 3 months with 1 site,15GB storage
  • $79/m, and $55.30 for 3 month with 5 sites, 40GB storage
  • $119/m, and $76.30 for 3 month with 10 sites,60GB storage
  • $149/m, and $104.30 for 3 month with 25 sites,100GB storage
  • $299/m, and $209.30 for 3 month with 50 sites, 300GB storage
  • $549/m, and $384.30 for 3 months with 100 sites,500GB storage
  • $999/m, and $699.30 for 3 months with 250 sites, 800GB storage

7- Convesio

The first managed WordPress hosting Convesio offers true auto-scaling, self-healing, and without single points of failure.

Convesio is not just a hosting provider, but also its infrastructure is designed for hosting high-performance, scalable WordPress sites.


  • A solution handler for personal blogs
  • Provides the security of proactive malware scanning
  • Provide more functions with fewer prices
  • Building a platform with scalability, and fast design
  • Its support plans deployments and management
  • Give fast response and resolutions times


  • Fact catching without the requirement of the plugin
  • Convesio dashboard could show much more relevant information
  • The Email forward addresses maybe change sometimes


The convention pricing plan starts from $50/month; further plans are:

Starter Plan:

It starts from $150/month with no setup fee, 1install, and 10Gb disk space

Business Plan:

It starts from $300/month with no setup fee, one install, and 10GB of disk space

Enterprise Plan:

It starts from $600/month with no setup fee, one install, and 10GB of disk space

8- DreamHost

DreamHost is a good choice for any WordPress-related hosting plan with its fast load times, fantastic customer service, and free site migration.

It is known for its high performance, automatic server updates, and auto-scaling; no issues with your hosting experience on this provider.


  • Good services for website owners and managers
  • Received a free domain and 97 days money-back guarantee
  • A critical speed for making successful websites
  • It will be up all the time without any service interruption
  • Provides customer support with the best features
  • Available with the flexible hosting plan and friendly technical support


  • Has set a specific time for live chat support
  • No email account offers the Starter plan
  • Can use an external business email provider


DreamHost offers the two plans that are:

Starter Plan:

It starts from $2.59/month with one website, free domain privacy, a free SSL certificate, and a 97-day money-back guarantee

Unlimited Plan:

It starts from $3.95/month with an unlimited website, free domain privacy, free SSL certificate, unlimited Email @ domain and a 97-day money-back guarantee.

9- Pagely

Pagely is the best-managed and comprehensive list of WordPress hosting services on the market today with unique features. These managed WordPress hosts can offer better uptime, scalability, performance, and other features.

Pagely offers WordPress services and features like constant malware monitoring, automatic daily backups, and support for many websites.


  • It offers impressive features with constant malware monitoring
  • Provides a daily backup automated
  • Impressive scalability, staging environment, Git integration
  • Built-in redundancy with great scalability
  • Monitoring to real-time malware scanning
  • Can use nearly any plugin or theme according to your choice


  • Phone Support available for select plans
  • Prices may be highest for someone depending on the plan
  • Much more fastest managed WordPress host


Pagley pricing plans included:

Pagley pricing plans

10- Flywheel

Flywheel hosting was established in 2017, and its first hosting platform, Hostinger, was acquired by Flywheel. It provides outstanding customer service, and it’s easy to use WordPress through its interface.

It is an excellent option for those who want a managed WordPress host that offers excellent performance for an excellent price.


  • Friendly interface and easy to use
  • Excellent and fast performance all over the world
  • Provide automated backup and built-in catching
  • Live chat customer support 24/7
  • Free SSL and without overage charges
  • Low prices for starting with managed hosting


  • Some additional server features may be expensive
  • Phone support may be unavailable sometime
  • Suitable for small business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and non-technical people


Flywheel offers the given plans annually and monthly:

Managed WordPress hosting pricing


It starts from $13/month and $150/year with two months free, one website, and 5GB storage.


It starts from$25/month and $300/year with two months free, one website, and 10GB storage.


It starts from$96/month and $1150/year with two months free, up to 10 websites, and 20GB storage.


It starts from $242/month, and $2900/year with two months free, up to 30 websites, and 50GB storage.


So, the top 10 managed WordPress Hosting features define the recommendation for those looking to manage WordPress hosting services.

A WordPress installation is similar to a black box that provides the end-user with the tools to get their work online. The difference is that everything runs smoothly in the backend with the WordPress black box.

Many managed WordPress hosts offer free managed hosting, including WPEngine, iPage, SiteGround, etc.

So, you don’t need to fear web page updates, website speed, and updating time. You can make it easy to decide the question that appears in mind: Do I need managed WordPress hosting?