15 Best Shopify Speed Optimization Apps (All Time Best)

15 Best Shopify Speed Optimization Apps (All Time Best)

Shopify Speed Optimization Apps

Are you searching getting the quality speed optimization apps that you may use to optimize your store? The most common difficulty for new Shopify shop owners confront is Shopify speed optimization. It is a time-consuming procedure to search the Shopify speed optimization Apps.

Shopify is one of the most famous e-commerce platforms in the marketplace, used by thousands of e-commerce businesses. A platform with many features and an easy-to-use interface is also a fantastic platform for e-commerce stores.

It would help if you found a way to ensure your Shopify store optimizes speed for making money online.  The faster and more efficient your Shopify store is, the more you can make money fast.

In this write-up, I will define the 15 best Shopify speed optimization apps that will be helpful to allow you to market your store and further your business by selling products, courses, or other resources.

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Shopify Speed Optimization Apps

Many people face the speed problem of apps being an issue when it comes to shopping online. Many different technical Shopify speed optimizations tricks can help with this problem.

A definitive list of Shopify speed optimization apps that will suit your needs and provide incredible results.

  1. Progressify Me
  2. SEO Image Optimizer app
  3. Fastshop: Optimize All Media
  4. AVADA SEO Image Optimizer
  5. TinyIMG SEO Optimizer
  6. Swish Page booster
  7. Loadify Preloader and TurboMode
  8. Bulk Image SEO
  9. Booster Page Speed Optimize App
  10. Hyperspeed: Advanced speed optimized app
  11. Page speed Optimizer
  12. Page Speed Booster Optimizer
  13. PageSpeed Monitor
  14. Jumbo Page Speed Optimizer
  15. Superspeed Google’s page speed


  1. Progressify MeProgressify Me

Progressify Me PWA is an essential tool for the use of all Shopify e-commerce administrators, released by the Amplify Me team.

It automatically turns your store into a progressive application by attracting people into installing it.


  • It makes your store fast, reliable, and engaged.
  • Enabled to help the customers
  • Easy and fast use to find the products
  • Installing PWA technology reduces loading time
  • Provides the products in a short time
  • Require no extra changes to put on your website
  • Beneficial insights and precious statistics
  • Easy animations and no janky scrolling


A free plan and a 14-day free trial are available.


  1. SEO Image Optimizer AppSEO Image Optimizer - Shopify Speed Optimization

Instant Page app is a high-quality speed development app on the desktop that brings upon a significant speed improvement for your clients. This Shopify speed optimization app is used for incredible speed improvement that directly correlated to progressed conversions and speeds up the mobiles.


  • Extraordinary speed improvement on mobiles
  • Lightweight JAVA script coding
  • Speed optimization app for better speed for your site
  • To increase the speed of slow system access
  • Scan your entire system and give a list of slow apps
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and script
  • Optimizes the images, fonts, and CSS
  • Optimizer app optimizes your WordPress websites


The Instant Page speed’s prices start at $4.99 per month


  1. Fastshop: Optimize All Mediafastshop - Optimize All Media.

This Fastshop-looking great app improves the store’s media experience with videos and images optimized that make them lighter. It boosts your store’s load timing faster, increases higher conversion rates, and has unlimited photos, and videos app can optimize for the store.


  • Actual AI-based media optimization app
  • Enhance great quality media to the audience
  • Increases user experience significantly
  • Uploads at higher than double the speeds to video content
  • Provide easy automation
  • Fully optimized store with one click launching
  • Optimization of zero-intervention
  • Delivers bit rates lower than standards delivered


The app is available on a free Plan.


  1. AVADA SEO Image OptimizerImage Optimizer Page Speed

AVADA Image optimizer looks easy to use, and Esther from customer service is accommodating. It is a 100% recommended app for optimization of the online store. This app also provides a 100% Guarantee to increase the performance speed of the store.


  • Alt, JSON-ld graphic, Meta tags, Sitemap automatically customized
  • Provides a higher ranking on relevant keywords
  • Friendly Google Search
  • Page loading in minimum time
  • One-click Auto-Pilot
  • Time-saving app and Live chat support
  • 100% recommended app
  • It makes the web pages fast on all devices


Free Plan is available and the Pro plan starts at $29 per month.


  1. TinyIMG SEO OptimizerTinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

TinyIMG optimizer app boosts your site and helps your site load faster and gain a high ranking on Google Images. It helps to get more search engine traffic and has no requirement for prior SEO knowledge. This app continuously improves to Shopify store and brings new organic clients.


  • Rank higher and get more traffic
  • SEO Boosting websites naturally
  • Compresses the website images
  • Work without reducing image quality
  • Helpful for increasing page store design
  • Fast page loading speed and SEO
  • Continuously improvement of page
  • Image optimizer and resizing


TinyIMG free Plan is also available, and another pricing is different according to its features and period.

  • $1.99 2 year plan
  • $9.99 per month
  • $19.99 Special offer


  1. Swish Page booster Swish Page booster

Swish page booster is an essential app for every website that deducts the assets issue of background apps and features loading before the use of the content of the website.

This helps to improve your page speed and core web vitals across every page and device that will help with SEO conversions greatly.


  • Reduces the bounce rate and improves return over
  • Improves the conversion automatically
  • Reduce the blocking time and execution time
  • Developed this app for fast speed
  • It worked well with its easy installation
  • Improves the business effectively
  • Highly recommend e-commerce websites
  • loading speed had substantially increased


Available with a seven-day free trial and starts at $9.99


  1. Loadify Preloader and TurboMode Preloader & TurboMode - Shopify Speed Optimization apps

Loadify optimized app is well-matched with all themes and 2.0 without any coding requirements and appropriate for all types of stores. This app has a built-in feature to animate your static logo or image with five great animations.


  • Entertain the customer with a beautiful screen
  • Upload, animate, and resize the logo
  • Background can be easily change
  • Interact the customer with its seamless page navigation
  • Editable start position and background-color
  • Reduces unnecessary script loads
  • Available 15 pre-selected beautiful images
  • Find the contact email and chat widget support


Loadify app is available in a free Plan for a 14-day trial.

  • Basic Preloader is free
  • Custome Preloader $4.99 per month
  • Page transition $3.99 Per month
  • Turbo mode is $3.99 per month


  1. Bulk Image SEO

Bulk Image Edit can reduce the image file sizes by a single click without losing any visible image superiority. This app is used for marking images with product titles, vendors, and options that Google will show to as many available customers as possible. It can be possible to make sure all your images have the same.


  • Automatically updates all newly added images
  • Reduces product or theme assets, and image file sizes
  • Resize or standardize the image size
  • Reduces the image size without quality loss
  • Updates image with customizable templates
  • Protects the product images from competitors
  • Preview the products of creating task
  • Products can be resized, cropped, trimmed, and added to frames


Bulk app’s starter plan is free and also available:

  • Basic Plan $9.99 per month
  • Professional Plan $19.99 per month
  • Advanced Plan $49.99 per month


  1. Booster Page Speed Optimize App Booster Page Speed Optimize App

Booster Page Speed app instantly speeds fast to your Shopify store in a minute improves the page speed and load times for the store. This booster app used for web page speed may immediately correlate to progressed conversions.


  • Excellent customer service and responded
  • Highly recommended for installation
  • One-click improvement of page speed
  • Have no coding and works in a proper way
  • Useful app for SEO
  • Excellent, simple use, and fast improvement
  • Fast installation without any coding
  • Most beneficial app for high page speed


This optimization plan is free


  1. Hyperspeed: Advanced speed optimized app Hyperspeed: Advanced speed optimized app

Hyperspeed Shopify speed optimization app is used for fast speed of store to reduce the slow pace of webpage and automatically compresses the photos. This app can speed up store themes like preload connections, font caching, vital CSS inlining, and js/CSS minification.


  • Compress images of the products
  • Automated compression manages the new images
  • Other script software will influence the web performance
  • It archives, minify, and track them from other impacts
  • Compress the theme properties
  • Available preloading links
  • Advanced compression of images
  • Increases mobile speed, desktop site speed, and core web vitals


Hyperspeed is available with a seven-day free trial and starts at $39 per month.


  1. Page speed Optimizer Page speed Optimizer

Page Speed Optimizer Pro increases conversions with more sustainable traffic. This Shopify speed optimization app is also used to load the speed page in one click and increase SEO and conversions to 1, 2, 3… which gives the high ranking in search engines.


  • Increase high conversion and speed time
  • Provide high ranking in search engine
  • Organic traffic increaser
  • Speed up the Shopify store in 60 seconds
  • Automatically add the file on the website
  • Automatically increase the website load speed
  • Use without coding
  • Increase SEO conversion in one click


The app is free with page speed optimization, and Pro is available for $19.95 per month.


  1. Page Speed Booster Optimizer Page Speed Booster Optimizer

Page speed booster increases a high bounce rate and prevents the impacts of conversion rate and search engine ranking. This app improves the page performance and conversion rate by having the browser retrieve the contents quickly. It converts a low order into a higher ranking.


  • It makes the site’s pages instant
  • Increase the conversion rate without coding
  • It makes the sites faster
  • Free and integrated with few clicks
  • Easy to understand with a quick installation process
  • Works according to its specifications
  • Provide a further update in about one month
  • Provides the updating and has a fast bounce rate


Available in Free Plan.


  1. PageSpeed MonitorPageSpeed Monitor

Page speed optimizer monitors and simplifies Google’s PageSpeed Insights data for an online shop page. This app charts the information to assist in higher visualizing the web page’s overall performance in each hour.

It allows setting alerts for all of the critical page speed metrics with a daily overview of PageSpeed.


  • Google PageSpeed Insights in a simple way
  • PageSpeed Monitoring in an hour
  • Provides the email alerts
  • Have a historical data graphs
  • It entirely runs in the background
  • Uses developer speak and technical language
  • SEO optimization and advanced features
  • Increase the page speed in mobile and desktop search ranking


The app is free to install for a seven-day trial and starts with $1 per page monitored.


  1. Jumbo Page Speed Optimizer Jumbo ‑ Page speed optimizer

Jumbo page optimizes the speed load of pages by preloading them as soon as site visitors. This software allows you to apply almost instant page loading across the website resulting in the lower drop-off, higher conversion, and boosting your CTR across your entire website.


  • Fully optimization in one click
  • Sends a quick bird’s eye report of saving
  • Delivers bit rates lower than standards delivered
  • Uploads at higher than double the speeds
  • Unlimited images and videos can optimize
  • Decrease the page loading time
  • Has optimizes the backups of the products quickly
  • Allow stores to load a more significant number of files at a time.


The Jumbo optimizer app is free.


  1. Superspeed Google’s page speedSuperspeed Google's page speed

Superspeed Google’s page starts making the store faster and provides full of advantages to customers. Superspeed provides the years of experience passed on in a single click and also improves the user experience.

This app also increases the store revenue and conversion rate with more returning customers.


  • Bulk store’s loading speed and decreased page bounce rate
  • Fast Google ranked and website better
  • Monitor the performance of the page daily
  • Best SEO Google ranking
  • Improved user experience and added to cart
  • Increase the overall marketing performance
  • Increase the customer impression
  • Always encourage buyer


Available with three day free trial and starts from $29 per month

Unlimited Plan $99 per month



Best Shopify speed optimization apps have various products and services that can be offered to online businesses and can be used to increase sales quickly.

Many people don’t know about the actual run of their e-commerce stores effectively, especially Shopify speed optimization apps.

I honestly recommend that you make it possible to try every app that has been mentioned in the above list. We create a Shopify apps collection to support Shopify online shops with excellent speed Optimization for their website.