Multistep Product Designer plugin - Features - Pros and Cons

Multistep Product Designer plugin – Features – Pros and Cons

WooCommerce Multistep Product Designer plugin


The Multistep Product Designer plugin is an extension that can be installed as your WordPress plugin. By using this plugin you can allow your customers to customize their products and services by simple steps on your website. It encourages more sales on your website and it is the most demanding feature nowadays. It helps your customers cultivating all their requirements in practice and it can develop more customer satisfaction.

Most likely, all the product designer plugins won’t provide you with the maximum benefits. But the WooCommerce Multistep Product Designer plugin is one of the best plugins as it comes with many features. The main concern of all the customers is to get their order as soon as possible so here, this plugin works best in customizing all their products according to their needs. While shopping online, they can easily customize all their products with this plugin. The main interesting is that it is fully loaded with all the designing features and it is very lightweight at the same time making it more convenient to use for the customers.

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  • The main feature of the WooCommerce Multistep Product Designer plugin is that it contains cost calculator tools, product customization, and multi-step forums.
  • It is fully equipped with an extensive cart system and it had extensive shipping and payment method. In the area where multiple selections are required, this plugin is best to use because it is used for customizations and services that require multiple selections.
  • It is a potent Multi-layer product designer with a strong form step designer
  • Users can insert a title and description and they can change the font size
  • Customers can add multiple images and size, height, color, and format can be adjusted manually.
  • This plugin allows you to make multiple selections at a time, you can do price configuration and print configuration.
  • When a product is added, its prices are added or subtracted automatically and the total amount is calculated.
  • Customers can easily lock and unlock product layers and they can select different layers easily on product designer.
  • It has an easy conditional system for linking steps.
  • It provides automatic updates on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Complex price calculations are done before placing the order.
  • It provides a limit to the list of checkboxes a user can select and they can also select the location for multistep to show on the product page.
  • On the file upload option, you can easily choose file size and supported format.



This woo-commerce Multistep Product Designer plugin comes with a lot of benefits to the customers some are listed below;

  • This plugin is compatible with all the themes of word press and woo-commerce
  • This plugin enables the feature to your customers to create according to their needs any designs, business card, and logo design, so they are truly satisfied before placing the order.
  • It is user-friendly and is compatible with all devices.
  • Multiple layer product design can help customers to design their products, they can customize any kind of product including gift boxes perfumes, shirts, etc


Doesn’t give everything out of the container, for specific components you should introduce extra modules.


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