Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration

Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration

Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration

Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration, Here we are going to discuss the complete process of how to do it easily.  Let’s start with a short introduction, Lumise and Fancy product designers are some of the top-rated product designer plugins for an online store. Even though they are convenient to use, managing orders and selling them can be challenging for a shop owner. However, with printful, you can solve your entire order management problem. That’s why you’ll need to connect these plugins with printful.

To do so, we will be talking you through a detailed guide of Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration. In this way, you will easily connect your store to this add-on and stay relaxed through your business.

All You Should Know About Printful

Printful is an online drop shipping service. It provides your customer with the personalized item they are willing to buy from your store. In simple words, using Printful means that your customer will buy a product from your store, and Printful will fulfill the order. Having that said, it saves you from stacking against your warehouse or worry about customized products printing.

Printful sells a variety of personalized products, which include mugs, clothing, and customizable accessories. When your online shop is connected to the Printful store, all the orders will go to them, and Printful will fulfill all the necessities, ranging from product printing to shipping to your customers.

Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration

To avail of dropshipping from printful, you need to connect your product designer with it. The two famous product designers are known as Lumise and Fancy product designers. So let’s not wait and provide you with the Lumise vs. Fancy product designer Printful integration methods.


Lumise Product Designer Printful Integration

Here is the easiest way of Printful integration to connect and unify it with the Lumise product designer of your store

First Step: Open Up a Printful Store

To gain full access to printful, you need to start up a store. You can go to its website and easily create a new store. Name it and activate it.

Second Step: Install the Add-on

Download /buy the Printful add-on and install it in your Lumise store

Download the Printful Addon for Lumise


Third step: The Process of Encoding

After opening a store in printful, you will need a code to connect it with Lumise. To do so, go to the settings of your Printful store. You will see an API code. Copy that code.

Now open another tab and open the base 64 encoded website. It is a website that allows encoding. Paste your API on that website and click on, ‘encode’ button.

When your API is encoded, copy it and go to your Lumise store.


Fourth Step: Connecting Both Stores

  • With that encoded API, click on the add-ons option present on your sidebar.
  • You will see the Printful add-on. Click on it.
  • After opening, you will see Lumise asking for printful’s API. Paste the encoding in it.


Now your Lumise product designer is successfully integrated to printful.


Fifth Step: Introducing a product through Printful

After setting up the entire store with printful, now it’s time to add some customizable products. Take the following steps to proceed further.

  • On your website, you will see an” add product option” click on it.
  • Type the product name and upload it.
  • When you scroll down, you will see a heading of product data, change it, and select the variable product option.
  • Just below it, there are different options on the left side of the screen. Select the Lumise configuration on the bottom to get into the Printful store.

Now you will see a Printful library, from which you can choose your product and customize it.


Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration.

Fancy product designer is one of the top-rated and straightforward plugins that designs customized products. To make things easier, you can connect it with a Printful for simple drop shipping by following the simple steps.

First Step: Getting the API

As discussed earlier, go into your Printful store and click on settings. There, you will find an API feature. Go on it, enable API code, and copy it on your clipboard.

Second Step: Integrating with Fancy Product Designer

Install the Printful add-on for a Fancy product designer. These add-ons are readily available on the internet to buy for your store.

After downloading, go to your WordPress panel. There is a plugin option at the bottom. In these plugins, click on the add new plugins and upload a Printful file to install it on Fancy product designer.

After doing so, open your Fancy product designer settings. There you will find an automated export window where you will see a Printful option. Click on it to open the tab of the printful.

Paste your API on the API option, and voila! You have integrated your Fancy product designer with a printful.

Now you have to go to the sales feature to type the profit you want per product. It can either be in currency or terms of percentages. Also, don’t forget to add your location where you want to supply the products.

Third step: Uploading Printful Products to Your Store

After successful integration, you will need to add products from Printful to your store. Here is how you can do it

  • Go to your products tab
  • Click on add new option
  • On the bottom right corner of your shop, you will see” import Printful product.”
  • Click on it to upload the product and select whatever object you want to represent in your shop.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Printful Drop Shipping.

After going through Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration, we think we must tell you about all the benefits and flaws of this dropshipping service.


  • There are no Printful labels on the product
  • You won’t have to buy inventory for customization
  • No need to rent a warehouse
  • Easy and quick service
  • Premium quality customized products
  • It doesn’t require high investment
  • No need to stock products
  • Prints order on demand
  • Minimal business risk
  • It saves your time and money
  • Good return policy


  • No personalized packaging of your product
  • Not a lot of products to customize
  • Third-party dependency for order fulfillment
  • Need to give substantial attention to the return/refunding procedure.


Final Words

Printful is one of the most popular and well-known drop shipping services. It’s an excellent service for the ones who sell the customized product. And if you are one of those sellers, Printful will make your life easier. That’s why we talked in detail about Lumise Vs Fancy Product Designer Printful Integration to connect your store with it.

We hope that this feature cleared all the questions related to Printful integration with product designer plugins.

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