Lumise vs Fancy Product Designer Plugin

Lumise vs Fancy Product Designer Plugin Comparison

Lumise vs Fancy Product Designer Plugin Comparison

A product designer plugin is a tool that allows you to provide product personalization to your online shoppers to help them create a product they want to buy. Your customers can customize and design any products including business card, t-shirt, mobile cover, mug, cap, etc. on your WooCommerce or Shopify store. There are plenty of product designer plugins on the market today; some are free while others are premium. Choosing one that can take care of your needs, as well as that of your customers, can be a tricky task, and that is why today I am going to review two of the most popular product designer plugins namely Lumise vs Fancy Product Designer Plugin.

As the online store owner, you can benefit from a product designer plugin in all aspects. For instance, you can seamlessly sell customized products like sweatshirts, banners, hoodies, signs, and many more. The product designer plugin easily integrates into your store and displays directly in front of your store. This way, customers can select a product and click a customize button, which directs them to a place where they can customize and design the selected item. The plugins are usually built-in JavaScript and HTML5, which allows them to easily operate on all kinds of devices such as PC, desktop, and mobiles regardless of the operating system they support. This also means that the plugin can work on any platform and at any time regardless of where you are.

With these platforms, you can offer your customers a wide range of choices and options to choose from when it comes to customization elements, including color, fabrics, variations, and many more.

Without further ado, which one between Lumise and Fancy Product Designer plugin should you use? Let’s help you make that decision!

Lumise Product Designer Plugin

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Lumise Product Designer plugin is a groundbreaking solution for your online print service shop. It is a premium platform for customizing and designing products and offers you as well as your customers the freedom to design and adapt any printable product, making it a must-have product designer plugin for WooCommerce.

How it works

Lumise is a very intuitive plugin that is easy to install and use. First, you will need to download the plugin and effortlessly install it using a few easy-to-follow steps. Choose from WordPress or Php versions to get started.

Here are steps you need to follow to use the Lumise product designer plugin:

Step 1: Install the plugin

Download and install Lumise onto your online store using simple steps and then select WordPress or Php version of the app to get started with printing.

Step 2: Start designing and customizing

Start designing your product in Lumise editor by using the simple drag and drop technique. Select your custom item and begin to add designs and elements from a collection of high-quality galleries.

Step 3: Complete your order

Once the customer has completed designing and customizing their product, they can add it to the cart. From here, you will instantly receive details about the order via email.

Key features of Lumise

The Lumise product designer comes with an array of great features that make it easier for your customers to design just about any type of product before buying. Some of the most standout features of this design product include:

  • Design templates that store a huge library of pre-designed and ready-to-use images and other resources.
  • Clipart, social media, and image stock as well as plenty of objects for customers design.
  • UI/UX enhanced with your theme development experience.
  • Text effect, draw, layer mask, QR code, crop image, and many more are supported.
  • Export and import design where users can keep on editing their products even if they move to another device.
  • Red and undo as well as shortcut keyboard features that work on desktop and other devices.
  • More than 800 Google Fonts that are ready to use and regular updates for a lifetime.
  • And many other great features

Pros of Lumise product designer plugin

Here are some pros of this product designer that can tip the balance to its favor:

  • One-off payments but lifetime updates
  • All files and images are ready to use and print
  • Tablet, desktop, and mobile responsive
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Free theme and other premium resources
  • Integrated with WordPress and Php

Cons of Lumise product designer

  • Hard to use for beginners especially with its many features
  • The plugin itself is ok but it misses a lot of useful features
  • You can’t download print files without going through Lumise servers since they are all saved there.
  • The cart is not compatible with other products and items in your store, meaning only Lumise-based products can be added to the cart, thus confusing to customers.

Lumise Product designer Prices

Prices for Woocommerce:

The regular license gives you a lifetime plugin update with the free support of the first 6-month after buying the product designer plugin. Regular License cost you $86.13.

There is also an extended license, which comes with quality checked by Envato. It also includes 6-month free support. An extended license costs you $349.

Prices for Shopify:

First, you can sign up for a 15-day free trial to look around and see if you like the features of the product. Once the trial period expires, you can upgrade the package to Lumise Basic, Business, Premium, or Lumise VIP.

Lumise Basic is the cheapest package and costs $14.89 per month. This package comes with unlimited customizations, free installation from the support team, set pre-template for a product, 30 templates, products, and clipart.

The costliest package is Lumise VIP, which goes for $88.90 per month and users can enjoy features such as free installation service, unlimited customizations, no logo, set pre-template for a product, and unlimited all.

Fancy Product Designer Plugin

Fancy Product Designer is a plugin for WordPress that provides an option for customers to upload PDF files and images to products. It helps customers design and customizes any print products, accessories, or apparel before adding to the cart. The plugin is supported by all types of devices including tablets, desktops, or mobile phones anywhere at any time.

So far, this product has been installed thousands of times on e-commerce platforms on the internet has thus been proven to power many merchant online stores all over the world since it was launched. If you sell products or items that need to be designed or customized, don’t look any further than this WooCommerce custom product designer.

This plugin will allow you as well as your customers to customize and design any type of printable product. With this platform, you are only limited by your own imagination since you will have absolute freedom in selecting products and sections of the product that need to be tailored.

How it works

Installing this product is extremely easy. First, you will have to download it via the files you were sent when you purchased the app. Upload them via the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and activate. In the Settings, you will see a new tab under the name Fancy Product Designer as well as two options called Fancy Designs and Fancy Products.

In the Fancy Product Designer Settings, you will find different settings such as menu bar, colors, layout and skin, product page, and many others.

Once you have finished with all the settings required to customize products, you can now start to edit your products. Just click the Edit Product button and you are ready to go. From there, go over to the Fancy Product section and add views for your product as well as change settings and export or import views.

Under the Edit Elements section, you can choose the view you want to add any elements or customize the way you want. In this section, you can also add text to the product and also set the constraints for each element. These constraints will determine not only the behavior of the element but also its location on the front-end. Each element here can be locked within the size of another element, set to be designed and customized differently, and text can have different styling, font, and so on.

Last but not least, you will find the Product Stage, which gives you an option to preview the product how it will appear on the front end of WordPress. From here you can also manually resize and move elements by simple drag and drop method, just like you would edit a file on Photoshop.

Key features of Fancy Product Designer

  • Multiple output options for printing
  • Vector export to SVG or PDF
  • Bitmap export JPEG or PNG in any DPI
  • Layered PDF with inserted fonts
  • Define printing areas (Bleeding Box, Media Box)
  • Define size for the exported printing area (custom size or A1 and A2)

Pros of Fancy Product Design

  • Useful layer system that allows you to customize your design options
  • Support different color options for customers, including fixed set colors, color pallets, and fixed colors.
  • Multiple product views and upload zones
  • Hundreds of Google Fonts
  • Text and image transformations

Cons of Fancy Product Design

  • Very expensive compared to Lumise
  • Does not support multiple languages
  • The app is not optimized

Pricing of Fancy Product Designer

Prices for Woocommerce:

Both regular and extended licenses have quality checked by Envato, 6 months of support,  you can extend the support according to your needs. Regular license cost you $69 and an extended license cost you $295.

Prices for Shopify:

This app has three premium packages as well as a 14-day free trial. The cheapest package is Starter and goes for $15 per month while the most expensive package is Premium, which costs $100 per month.