Lumise vs Fancy Product Designer Plugin Features

Detailed Analysis of Lumise vs Fancy Product Designer Plugin Features

Want to know what plug-in can work out best for your online outlet? Read this article having Lumise vs Fancy product designer plugin features comparison. You’ll get your answer.


Owning and running an online shopping store is not easy at all. You always have to put your best before customers. And, this can be done by installing various plugins to update your website.

For a customization line, there are two famous plugins known as Lumise and Fancy product designer. But the question pop-ups here is, how would we know which one is better?

To solve this issue, we will be comparing Lumise vs Fancy product designer plugin features today. With this detailed review, you can easily pick one that fits best in your frame.

What are Plugins?

Every brand has its story of the foundation and its aim. Their niche and goals are represented with the personalized design of the brand. While expressing your outlet online, your website or e-shop should be different and express a story.

Plugins are different software that you install on your Website. Give distinctive and unique features to your web page is all it does. Via these plugins, you can customize your website and make it different yet appealing from the rest.

Lumise vs Fancy Product Designer – A Detailed Comparison

Today, we have on-board plugins, Lumise product designer, and Fancy product designer. Both are used for personalized designing of the product you are willing to sell on an online store. However, the differences come in their features. So let’s not wait and compare their specification to see our preferred option.

Lumise Plugin Product Designer


Customizations are made easy with Lumise product designers. This plugin offers personalization through designing the products. The central part is that you can optimize the products and give the customers an option to develop their products.

Lumise Product Designer Features

Lumise plugin has been one of the top-rated customization software over these years. This is due to its numerous beneficial features with easy handling. Let us discuss its features below to see why it is worth a shot.

  1. Numerous Designing Options

 When you give your customers the power of personalization, it is essential to have unlimited designing options—like completely fulfilling this purpose by having inbuilt 300 and more clipart designs.

Coming to online reserves, there are more than twenty thousand different clipart of every niche and available on open clipart, Pixabay, and more for free. Altogether, your customer can build any art on the product that they want.

  1. Lifetime Updates with One Purchase

With advancing software features, every application ad plugin requires regular updates to keep the software working. But not everyone can buy these updates all the time. However, with Lumise, you only need to purchase the program one time, and they will regularly update your plugin through its existence.

  1. Language and Fonts Variety

It doesn’t matter from which country your customer is from. They will find their preferred language and font style in Lumise. More than eight hundred Google fonts styles are present on this plug-in that you or your customer can use in the product.

  1. Amazing Customer Support

Not only does this software works effectively, but the customer support is responsive and beneficial too. Whenever you are stuck on a problem, you can easily contact them to solve the issue.

  1. Smooth Working

Its working mechanism is pretty smooth. The consumer can easily design the product from its resources. Just by uploading them, and with few clips, their product will be ready to be printed and shipped to them.

  1. Supports All Printouts

You can customize everything that’s on the Lumise products list. This includes banners, mugs, shirts, hoodies, boards, etc. The print of 300 dpi gives a brilliant and perfect output.

  1. Compliments all gadgets

Even though it’s a pretty advanced plugin to use, it still supports all kinds of devices. So it doesn’t matter if your buyer is visiting your online shop through a tablet, laptop, phone, or a PC, Android, or iOS. It will work best on every type. This helps you to get more consumers than expected.

  1. More Earnings through Cliparts

If you think that some cliparts are more in demand and are an excellent chance to increase income, you can use Lumise. This plugin will allow you to set different prices for demanding cliparts and designs. Through this, you can easily earn more profit than usual.

Even though this plugin can be tricky for some beginners due to its extensive features, there’s no turning away from it once you get used to it.

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Fancy Plugin Product Designer


Now let’s give the spotlight to the Fancy product designer. It’s a plugin specially designed for WordPress. It allows custom product planning to the shop owner and the buyer with various designs and templates.

Fancy product designer features

The primary purpose of a Fancy product designer is the same as Lumise. However, some differences identify them as separate plugins. These features are described below:

  1. Popularity

Fancy product designer was one of the most used plugins when launched. It is still used and gives impressive results, but people prefer Lumise due to more features at comparatively low prices. It has fewer ratings and positive reviews as compared to its competitor.

  1. Endless Designs Range

The Fancy plugin quickly engages users with its product designing range and quality. Your consumer can build any pattern through a variety of available designs to give it a personalized look. So, in this case, the greater the imagination, the better the personalization.

  1. Easy File Uploads

If the user doesn’t like the in-build cliparts or patterns, they can easily make their own. Either it’s a customized mug, short, or a banner, they can upload their design from their computer and design it in the specific product. It gives the user more lease and comfort in using this plugin feature.

  1. Upgrading the Patterns

Your template patterns are not permanent. It means that the customer can upgrade with many changes. They can alter the design’s color, size, style, and fonts with just one click.

  1. Fonts Usage

As compared to Lumise, it doesn’t have this much variety of fonts preinstalled in it. But you can upgrade by putting in the fonts by manual method.

To do so, you have to create a separate don’t folder in the plugin and upload different font shapes and patterns manually. This takes a lot of time and can be tiring.

  1. Layering Pattern

What we admire the most about this designer plugin is its design layering technique. Layering means that the customer can see every edit they’ve made on the side of the product editing. This tells them the effects that they have added to the sequence.

It helps the editor to alter the specific part of the pattern without interacting with the other one. We can say that Fancy designer is one of the most straightforward designing software to use.

  1. Design from Different Angles

It’s a shame if designing software can customize the product only from one side. However, the Fancy plugin does not fall under this category because of its multiple-angle design. With this program, you can design and customize every possible side of the product.

Let’s take a hoodie as an instance. You can put a pattern on it from different angles. This includes its front, back, sides, sleeves, top, or bottom. Every art of every size is possible to place on it. And in the end, you can easily see how your product looks all over.

  1. Compatibility

Your online shop customers can easily open and operate this program through their phones, laptops, and other computing gadgets. There is no restriction of usage, and it is easily accessible for everyone.

Not only to devices or supports every social media app, but customers can also upload their favorite design from these platforms every time.

Summarizing this entire plugin consists of pretty good features, especially in layering that makes customization simple and easy for buyers.

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Fancy VS Lumise… Which One is Better for You?

Both of these plugins perform and provide the best product customizer. Lumise offers extensive features, whereas Fancy product design allows simplicity and layering elements to the customer. Lumise is cheaper, and in contrast, a Fancy product designer is a little more costly.

So our favorite plugin would be Lumise product designer as it offers more features, regular updates, and continuous optimization.

Lumise Product Designer Fancy Product Designer
Less costly More costly
Regular free updates Non-regular updates
Endless customization features Extensive but limited features
Inbuilt fonts styles No inbuilt fonts styles
Supports multiple languages Does not support multiple languages
Easy to install Simple to install
More designs Layering designing
Can be difficult for beginners Easy for beginners
Standard website template Customized website template


Final words

This was all about Lumise vs Fancy product designer plugin features. With the detailed discussion on their characteristics, we can conclude that the purpose of both of them is the same. However, they differ in their specifications.

At the end of this detailed comparison, we decided that Lumise is a better product designer plugin because it offers limitless, high-quality customization at a better price point.

We hope that this article provided you with adequate information to make a decision. If you have any queries, you can contact us or leave us a message.

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