Lumise Product Designer Pros and Cons - Features

Lumise Product Designer Pros and Cons – Features

Lumise product designer pros and cons

Lumise product designer pros and cons can help you to select the best product designer plugin for your store. We are going to discuss the point-to-point details for this plugin. Let’s start with into.


Lumise product designer is one of the best product designers for your online shop. The one comes with a user-friendly option and is quite easy to use, making it easier for customers for their online shopping. The main part of the plugin is that it is very convenient to print the designs on your woo-commerce shop.

In addition to this, this plugin supports all products and it provides the facility to design all the products for your customers. It supports file type PNG, JPG, and SVG, and the customer has the freedom to upload any file while designing the product.


Some of the main features are discussed below;

  • It has 800 + google fonts.
  • Supports all kind of devices, user can design product fro their device and place an order on your website.
  • It goes with every available print method.
  • It has curved texts and image mark options.

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Lumise product designer pros and cons are discussed below;


Lumise product designer comes with lots of key points and benefits. Let us discuss the pros to get this plugin for your woocommerce store.

  • Lumise enables your customers to upload images, It contains amazing features such as live preview and all designing tools are available.
  • Customers can easily save the designs or they can also print the designs from the browser.
  • easy use editor interface is available and the customers can easily choose the coloring option.
  • lumise offers a powerful customer support option, Hence customers are more satisfied with it.
  • Lumise offers many outstanding features but as compared to Zakeeke 3d configurator, none of its features are better than this.
  • It has a sharp UI and strong designing features are available.
  • The lone exemption is a 3D architect like Zakeke’s, and those folks request an exchange charge in return for that.
  • You can create any kind of design template that is user-friendly, you can also set the price for that so that it can be used with one click by the customer.
  • Lumise can handle any kind of product for printing any of your designs.
  • The best benefit of lumise is that it translates all the languages so there will be no communication barrier with your customers.
  • Lumise runs smoothly on your device like your tablet or mobile and it does not show any complication while working there.
  • Your customers have the permission to export or import design from any device and they can continue their work on that and checkout.
  • Lumise helps you personalize your objects more precisely, so you can crop and re-shape your images.
  • You have to make only a one-time payment while purchasing lumise, and it is fully compatible with woo commerce.



  • While the item creator is one of the cleanest around, it utilizes its design that is isolated from your subject’s. The outcome is a shopping experience that is less consistent, regardless of whether you can apply your site’s shading plan to the module’s planner.
  • Spreadsheet and add features are missing in lumise that are important study competitors.