How to use Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone

How to use Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone

Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone

Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone is the easiest option in FPD Plugin to restrict the customer to do product customizations in a specific area that we (owner) by default defined for them. Also, it will be an easy process for any new customer who comes to your website, and that encourages them to visit your website again and again.

There are many options in Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone such as:

  • Image Upload
  • Custom Text
  • Moveable
  • Designs
  • Removable
  • Scalable

Image Upload: It allows customers to upload images in the zone we specify for them.

Custom Text: The customer can add text into the upload zone as well. Also, coloring, fonts, size, and many other options are available for custom text.

Moveable: With this option, customers are allowed to move the uploaded image or added text into the position where they wish to place it within the upload zone.

Designs: When it comes to designs that mean the designs we offer them to use for customization. They can simply select any design from the library to use.

Removable: After using these options customers can remove the customizations they do and redo from start again. If someone wants to get back the removed customizations, simply click on undo tools in the product designer to get it back.

Scalable: There are two Scale modes for Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone

  • Fit
  • Cover

Fit: The uploaded image will automatically be fit into the upload zone and the complete image will be visible in fit mode.

Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone - Fit

Cover: If you selected the cover mode, it will cover the whole upload zone but the image will be cropped and further you would need to adjust the image.

Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone - Cover

How to use Fancy Product Designer Upload Zone

First, you have to log into the wp-dashboard to go with the process. After that go under the fancy product designer plugin area and open the product builder.

Add an upload zone layer and you can see multiple options we talked about in the upload zone layer. You can enable the options that you want to allow and hide the ones that you do not want to allow.

Furthermore, you can also define restrictions for uploaded images, such as minimum or maximum width and height.

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