How to use fancy product designer shopify app

How to Use Fancy Product Designer Shopify App

Fancy product designer Shopify app is the best product personalizer app that allows customers to design the product according to their needs. They can upload images, add text, and select the clip arts or designs provided by the store owner to use on the custom products.

We can set additional prices for different elements like products, images, and texts. The prices will automatically be added to the cart total at the end.

You can sell all of your customizable products using the fancy product designer Shopify app. Shopify product designer has multiple customization features. The customers can design print products, apparel, and all accessory product with the Shopify product customizer app.

Moreover, when it comes to how it works on different devices, the customers can use fancy product designer devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This makes FPD a responsive Shopify product designer app.

The first thing is you need to buy a fancy product designer shopify app plan. There are three plans.

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Premium

NOTE: You must create the correct images that work in FPD. See the Guide.

After you get the app plan, install the fancy product designer app. Go to installed apps and open the fancy product designer app. All the further processes to set up the custom product are almost work the same as Fancy Product Designer WooCommerce WordPress.


1- Add a new product and enter a title. Now add product views such as front and back. You can add more as well. Also, upload the relevant images for different views.


Add products with fancy product designer shopify app


2- Next step is to edit the front and back view in the fancy product designer product builder. You must have the images such as a base and overly. Add these images as two different layers base and overly. Repeat the same steps for the back view.


Fancy product designer - Shopify - Product Builder


3- If you want to allow customers to change the color of the t-shirt. Select the base layer. Open the toggle sidebar and enable the colorization by adding an HTML color code for the t-shirt.


set up products in FPD product builder


4- Enable the color picker for the Shopify product designer. This feature will allow customers to change product color for the front and back sides at the same time. You have to create different codes for different products as we are making here, copy the code, and add it to the back view base image. Don’t need to add a color code for the back. Just paste the code at the back base image “Color Link Group”.


How to link color between elements in FPD


Now we are ready with a custom t-shirt product at the backend. It’s time to connect this customizable product with the Shopify product. The first thing you need to do is, add a relevant Shopify product. Then click here to attach FPD product with Shopify product.


FPD - Shopify - Connect FPD Product

That’s it!