How to Convert WordPress Website to Android App

How to Convert Wordpress Website to Android App?

How to Convert WordPress Website to Android App

Are you searching for a solution to turn your WordPress website into a mobile application? Convert WordPress Website to Android App, making it easy to manage content providers and provide a better mobile experience. You may expand the followers and as well as also can search for your new audience through the application store.

Most of your users come from mobile devices, so you must turn your website into a mobile app anytime you evaluate your traffic. It enables using unique features like push notifications, a native tab bar, geolocation integration, and marketing tools.

A mobile app has no requirement in addition to mobile and desktop websites, but due to the enormous benefits that apps provide, their use and popularity are constantly increasing. The process of making an app from a WordPress site is surprisingly simple. You need to turn your website into an Android application quickly.

This article will explain the top WordPress plugin that is available in the market for doing simply that. It would help if you did not have any consistency concerns because all these plugins are verified, fully updated, and functional with WordPress 5.7.2.

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Top 10 Plugins to Convert WordPress Website to Android App 

The plugins are typically the easiest way to develop an app for your WordPress website. So, there is a compiled list of the best options you can use without hesitation to convert a WordPress website to an Android App.

  1. AppPresser

AppPresser is the best WordPress app plugin and mobile app creator that is more flexible and integrates more plugins than any other.

This professional app combines all your WordPress content and is fully customizable with their no-code app customizer.


  • Combining multiple WordPress components to create an app
  • It can add WordPress posts along with a login component
  • Allows building an app from any WordPress website
  • Develop an app for your WordPress-based startup firm, organization, or store
  • Included Push alerts at no additional cost
  • More straightforward to set up and more configurable
  • Check-in and display option on the map for the user
  • Find out the app by integrating Google analytics


The most popular plan is $99 per month, with pricing starting at $59 per month with unlimited features.

Professional plan:

Starts from $79/mo

Advanced plan:

Starts from $129/mo


  1. AndroApp

AndroApp is the most excellent WordPress to Android plugin app. there is AndroApp. It enables you to construct your app without any coding experience easily.

Like other plugins, AndroApp does not charge you to create your app or test it on your phone; fees only apply when you upload it to Google Play.


  • Provide multiple Goggle fonts as per website needs
  • Multiple themes with customized app color
  • Allows unlimited push notification
  • Allows to share social media pages like Facebook, Instagram
  • Monetize the apps with a different ad spot
  • Has a dynamic setting with a control menu
  • Cache mobile content for quicker page loads
  • Can track action taken by users, comments, and share count


It’s free for 1st month without any requirements of a credit card.

After the 1st month, its feature-wise fee is $66.


  1. MobiLoud Canvas

You may create a mobile app from your WordPress website with MobiLoud Canvas. It differs from the competitors because the plugin developer builds and deploys your app on your behalf.

The app and push notifications are configured and managed using it both during development and after going live.


  • A perfect and a customized app
  • Update the content automatically
  • Customized theme and support for user login
  • Add native menus and animations for simple user navigation
  • Being able to have a distinctive app theme
  • Use existing WordPress skills to control the app’s content fully
  • Simple publishing through the developer
  • Suitable for both Android and iOS devices


Starting prices are $1,920/year; you will have to pay a $500 “app submission” fee for preparing to release.

At $1,350, the developer will work to configure and personalize your app, design icons and splash screens, and produce a functional demo of your app. Each bundle has a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  1. App

WPMobile.App was known as WPMobile before. With the help of the Ninja plugin, you may design and improve your app without spending any money before paying to upload it to an app store.

This plugin’s pricing structure is fantastic because it offers lifetime protection for one fee rather than yearly recurring licenses.


  • Integrates plugins like those for WooCommerce and membership
  • Automatically submit the finished software for iOS and Android
  • Drag and drop page building option
  • Customized theme with 20 widgets,24 colors, CSS and Javascript
  • App store submission automatically to Google Play and Apple
  • Fantastic customer service provider
  • Can add your WordPress posts with the registration component
  • Allow users to check-ins and location display on a map


Your app will cost $79 to get onto Android or iOS devices with a lifetime license for one website, and it will cost $149 to get it on both.


  1. WappPress

A real-time app can be created from any WordPress site using the WappPress plugin. It only develops Android smartphone apps, which applies to several other plugins.

It is a very affordable option because creating your app is free, and you also get fifteen days of Google Play app validity.


  • Compatible with both Amazon Affiliate websites and WooCommerce stores
  • Content update automatically and synchronized with the content
  • Android App validation for 15 days
  • Google AdMob Interstitial Ads use for monetization
  • Launcher icon and splash screen upload ability
  • White label without the WappPress logo
  • Real-time app development
  • Allows push notification


You can upgrade to Pro for $22 after fifteen days with unlimited app validity and six months of developer support.

Difference between Mobile App and Mobile Website

A mobile app is not necessary for addition to mobile and desktop websites. However, due to the enormous benefits that apps provide, their use and reputation are rising continuously. So, some differences between a mobile app and mobile websites include that:

Mobile Websites: 

Mobile websites are scaled-down versions of your desktop website designed to work with touch-based input on mobile devices like tablets, phones, and smaller screens. They need a network connection and are accessed by multiple browsers as they would be on a desktop device.

Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps may provide the same data and information as the relevant website. They also can provide additional functions due to the unlinked internet. Google Maps is a good example where the website entirely depends on an internet connection. You can download maps to view them offline, store favorites, and do many other things with the mobile app.


After the detailed review to Convert WordPress Website to Android App description and features, you can develop a professional app containing all your WordPress content.

Many non-developers now have easy lives due to plugin technology. Now they may design a mobile app efficiently and effectively without the support of developers.

Making a mobile app may be worthwhile for you and your audience because it requires memory space on intelligent devices and serves as a platform for increased connection.

The first thing you should determine is the reason to convert your website into an Android app; you can see after the evaluation of traffic that more it comes from mobile devices; you must convert your website into a mobile app.

The mobile application has the potential to be a powerful tool for increasing online followers. Developing a mobile app is one of the most critical decisions in a mobile strategy, and it recommends the WordPress site be converted into a mobile app.