Gravity Forms vs. WPForms - Free Vs. Pro

Gravity Forms vs. WPForms – Free Vs. Pro

Gravity Forms vs. WPForms – Free Vs. Pro

Gravity Forms vs. WPForms, it is important to know about these WordPress plugins’ importance to understand this difference.

Gravity Forms and WPForms are popular and powerful plugins and are available with the best options for adding WordPress forms.

I will briefly explain in this guide about the Gravity Forms vs. WPForm and its version Free vs. Pro, but before all these details, I need to know the introduction of both Forms.

Gravity Forms vs. WPForms - Free Vs. Pro

Gravity Forms vs. WPForms

The comparison from Gravity Form vs. WPForm will explain the top features of each one. Gravity Forms is a WordPress builder plugin based on contact forms, used to collect information as a contact form. Also uses the MySQL database system with built-in functions and features.

To compare before Gravity Form vs. WPForm, I will define both individually with some key information.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Form vs. WPForm shows its working and use for customers to manage and run the WordPress website. WordPress Gravity Form is a well-known dependable plugin that relies on products to provide services and support many clients. According to experts, a necessary and trusted Form by over 500 companies worldwide, millions of WordPress sites rely on Gravity form. To compare Gravity Form vs. WPForm firstly should be known separately features; I mentioned some features of Gravity Forms that are:

  • For scheduling with date picker field
  • Multi-page conditional form
  • Have a front-end submission
  • Automation and CAPTCHA spam protection
  • Dependable plugin

Gravity Forms Free vs. Pro

You can control your websites with the Gravity Forms Pro that is a great option for newer businesses who need their forms to process the different payments or subscriptions.

Gravity Form Free

Gravity Form free is perfect for a smaller organization without any payment. Installation features included with Gravity Form.

  • Have one Site with unlimited Forms and entries
  • Multi-page Forms and File uploading option
  • Have a standard support
  • Conditional logic
  • Have an automatic updates option
  • Free Add-ons like Mailchimp
  • Standard support
  • Included Free Add-ons

Gravity Forms Pro

The best option of Gravity Form Pro for medium-sized organizations and companies or agencies. Gravity Forms Pro License included advanced features for businesses that need multiple processes like site installations, automated workflows, electronic or online payments.

  • Give three sites with unlimited Forms and entries
  • Multi-page Forms and have an uploading option
  • Have a standard support
  • Conditional logic
  • An automatic updates option
  • Free and Pro Add-ons
  • Standard support PayPal payment
  • Included Pro Add-ons
  • Unlimited access and ultimate packages


WPForms is the commonly popular and well-known plugin with a drag and drop builder option. WPForm works as a contact form plugin that is easy to use and offers a beginner-friendly form builder with no coding option for beginners. The following list of features shows its worth and importance.

  • Start with a premium price.
  • Have a free version with responsive design
  • Conditional logic and collect payment in the premium version
  • Marketing integration
  • Form builder interface with drag and drop option
  • Have a schedule form with a date picker
  • User-friendly form simple to understand
  • CAPTCHA spam protection

WPForm Free vs. Pro

The best WordPress Form Builder plugin is WPForm in the market with a user-friendly interface. WPForm Free and Pro are both the same with drag and drop builder options, but differences are mentioned below in some conditions.

WPForm Pro

The WPForms Pro is worth the investment. Suppose you have a personal business or nonprofit person in the business. In that case, a WPForms Pro license is a great investment for this purpose, with useful integrations and add-ons that help grow the business or nonprofit.

  • Donation Forms with simple contact forms
  • Surveys functionality and polls option
  • Payment Forms and Application Forms
  • File uploaded option
  • Expand the form builder
  • Unlimited form and responses
  • Unlimited views and disk space
  • Campaign monitoring

WPForm Lite

If you create the different types of WordPress forms for a business or to drive donations for your nonprofit, want to save the WordPress dashboard of every form entry, then WPForms Lite is the best choice that fulfills the requirement to use the tools and add-ons

  • Create a simple contact form
  • GDPR agreement option
  • Check box with dropdowns
  • Longer form easier to fill out
  • Conduct the survey form for customer tick
  • Signed contracts a or agreement
  • Form notification email
  • Forms submission and confirmation


I have described all the related contents about Gravity Forms vs. WPForm and Free vs. Pro version with esthetic information. Both WordPress plugins are important and worthy for the Website and have the same advantage. The decision depends on your choice and budget that which plugin can be affordable for your requirement.

My suggestion is that always use the Pro version of any WordPress plugin due to its extraordinary features and unlimited support options.

Hopefully, this informative guide will help you to make the best decision.