Gravity Forms Vs. Ninja Forms - Which is User-Friendly?

Gravity Forms Vs. Ninja Forms – Which is User-Friendly?

Gravity Forms Vs. Ninja Forms – Which is User-Friendly?

Gravity forms Vs. Ninja forms both are the best, and contact form plugins of WordPress, but also have some differences between both that can know from a review of the Gravity forms vs. Ninja forms.

Gravity form has been around longer than other forms plugin, and ninja form was created as a visual form builder with a different interface.

Both plugins have their own features and compare two commercial Form plugins and other related information described briefly in this guide. You can make a better decision to find the best plugin out of the two from the overview of this comparison and find out the answer to which is user-friendly?

Gravity Forms Vs. Ninja Forms

Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms are packed full of features because both have an array of add-ons and upgrades.

Which Form of the plugin is the best and fulfills your requirement? I mentioned some of the main criteria about the Gravity forms vs. Ninja forms that will give you a piece of complete knowledge.

Gravity Form

Gravity Form is a WordPress plugin used as a contact form builder and used as WordPress post creation and Employment Applications. Gravity Forms can be used as a customized form builder that is easy to use, reliable, and completely secure for your website.


  • Wide variety of 30+ready use form field and easy to use form editor
  • Conditional logic allows the easy control
  • File upload option to save the clients data
  • The advanced calculation to set fields and formulas
  • Variety of services and applications and integrations support
  • Support Google reCAPTCHA
  • Number of entries limitations and WordPress post creation
  • FAQ page with documentation for all fields
  • Media attachment option



Gravity forms pricing offer three plans that are: Basic License, Pro License & Elite License. I define the need to know each plan offer and its cost.

1. Basic License

  • The basic license cost is $59 per year

2. Elite License

  • Its cost is $259 per year included all basic and Pro Add-ons
  • The Elite license of Gravity Form also has survey tools that can display the results in the dashboard with different types of surveys easily.

3. Pro License

  • Pro License cost is $159 per year include the Basics Add-ons



  • Availability from $39/ year
  • Easy user-generated content
  • Features offered, Pricing is worthy and affordable
  • Support integration and Email notification for customers lead


  • Shortness of the add-ons or limited offers
  • Have no templates
  • Does not have a live preview in the form builder 

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a fully responsive and 100% user-friendly WordPress form-building platform that allows web developers to create WordPress forms without extra time and coding.

Ninja Forms give the availability of various integrations that help to enhance users’ experience altogether, like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, insight, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and Zoho, also have a 14 day trial period.


  • PDF Form and Excel export option
  • Payment gateway and support integration
  • Multi-page Form and conditional page form option
  • Professional-looking Form by using Drag and Drop feature option
  • File upload option to use the multi-media filed loading
  • Advanced features supported and designing layouts
  • Dynamic form builder
  • Multi-part form to create a long-form
  • WebMerge option created formatted templates


Ninja form pricing offers four plans that are onetime payment, the plans are:

1. Agency Plan

  • Agency plan cost is $249 included personal plan and all the features
  • This plan will give free access to all add-ons and use NF on an unlimited number of sites.

2. Professional Pan

  • This Plan cost is $99 include everything personal plan offer

3. Personal Plan

  • This plan cost is $49 with conditional logic option

4. A La Carte Plan

  • This Plan cost is $29 to $120 with the permission to select the features of user requirement.



  • Has a onetime payment option
  • Extended support on yearly purchasing
  • Integration support option
  • Pricing plan choice as per the feature on customer requirement
  • A feature-rich upgraded


  • Support to just WordPress
  • Difficult options to understand
  • Ninja Forms payment will become increase

Gravity Forms Vs. Ninja Forms – Which is user-friendly? 

There are so many reasons to create an advanced form builder for your website. Whether you are a business owner or consultant, blogger, or want to run an online store, you must create a form builder for your website.

The Ninja Forms dashboard and editor have different looks than the Gravity Forms that make a modern look.

The main comparison is its price, not the quality of a feature, Gravity form is a premium tool, and ninja form has a 14 day trial period base and is easy to use.

Ninja Forms has been assembling the features and refining its user interface that attracts users.

So, its easy use procedure makes it unique from other forms builder and has a user-friendly form.


The overview of Gravity Forms vs. Ninja Forms explains that both form builders are used for basic spam protection, email notifications, and entry storage, and both forms are perfect, and the best contact form plugins for WordPress.

My recommendation is to choose the right tool as per your business requirement that suits your budget and business.

The default screen is a page of all your forms, where you can see a table of how many form entries, views, and conversions each one has had. You can also click on them to edit them or create a new one using the “add new” button on the page. Pretty straightforward and intuitive so far.

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