Top 5 Best Forms Plugins for WordPress Website

Top 5 Best Form Plugins for WordPress Website

Top 5 Best form Plugins for WordPress Website

Are you looking for the best form plugins for WordPress website?

A Contact forms plugins are an important part of any WordPress website that helps interact with visitors, collect new leads, and boost user experience.

To build a form, you need to install a WordPress plugin because WordPress has no built-in contact form, and plugins do not know the same or equal; each plugin has its specifications according to its versions.

I discussed in this informative guide the top 5 best form plugins for WordPress websites. Firstly, you need to understand the best form plugins for WordPress depending on your needs.

1. Gravity form

Gravity Forms plugin WordPress is one of the best contact plugins that is used as user-friendly without any coding requirement. Gravity form has an easy set-up for beginners and comes with built-in tools that provide a positive UX.

Gravity Forms called a professional contact form plugin that grows your business under budget requirements.


  • Easy set-up for beginners without coding
  • Use visual form editor for outcome interface
  • Add-ons options include MailChimp, Active Campaign, and HubSpot
  • Multi-page and automatic updates
  • The easiest and most trusted tool for advanced forms
  • Extendable and offers excellent security for website
  • Visitors have more options with multi-page forms
  • Having unlimited sites, and documents with Pro features


  • Provide a positive UX
  • The best option for advanced users
  • Comprehensive and customized form plugin


  • Does not have a free version
  • Must pay for the Add-ons in the Pro version
  • Not available active installation and average rate


2. WPForms

WPform has become the most popular and commonly-known contact WPforms plugin useable for WordPress right now comes with a premium subscription.

WPform plugin is also a user-friendly plugin form that is easy to use with powerful features and millions of active installations. It makes sense since it is very popular in the WordPress forms community.


  • Constant integration, unique and multi-form templates
  • Customized button with instant notifications
  • Conversational form Add-ons and locker
  • Survey and poll Add-ons option
  • User registration form and automatic email notifications
  • A multi-page document like an email subscription
  • Mobile-friendly with multiple devices
  • Geolocation and spam protection


  • Available basic contact form features
  • Thank you page for form confirmation
  • Premium version allows extending the functionality
  • Customized email notifications


  • We need to upgrade the WPForm
  • Implementation of several security measurements is a time wastage procedure
  • Its lite version has minimum templates and fields

Ninja form

Ninja form plugin WordPress, a great contact form plugin to use in less budget has the same features as other contact plugins. This form has plenty of settings and is more likely a form plugin for those who want to work with code.

Ninja forms plugin WordPress is a customized super basic form builder and a WordPress contact form that can enhance form functionalities with ease.


  • Discount option for products, layout, and layout
  • Perfect for those who want to start budget-friendly
  • Unlimited numbers of forms, fields, and submissions emails for use
  • Adding option using a short code, widgets, and templates
  • Plenty features of Add-ons
  • Integration with social media, email marketing
  • Have 40 premium Add-ons like multi-page, conditional logic, front-end post submission
  • Customer payments or donations acceptance option


  • Available in both versions of free and Pro
  • Have a choice option to purchase the Add-ons need
  • Have a great approach for technical support


  • Maybe expensive for beginners to purchase the Add-ons
  • Have a complex form like a pro version
  • Its annual price is complicated


4. Contact form 7

The oldest and one of the most popular free form plugins for WordPress with free installation on many sites. Contact Form 7 can customize the form, manage multiple contact forms and mail contents with simple markup, and support Ajax-powered, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering.

Contact form 7 is also available with online resources and third-party Add-ons that extend its functionalities.


  • Have availability of many free Add-ons
  • Do work with code and configuration
  • The whole set-up does look compared with modern drag-and-drop form builders
  • Can download to expand the functionalities
  • Customized form builder for new developers
  • Its HTML form builder allows building a straight form from code
  • Preferable plugin form looking to keep costs down
  • Simple designing without any disturbance features


  • Free WordPress contact form
  • Anti-spam tool integration
  • Easy to use with minimum activation time


  • Difficult set-up for beginners
  • Limited support options with lack of drag and drop form builder
  • Not intuitive interface with shortages a visual form


5. Formidable Forms

A modern form plugin with amazing features that work best for a developer than other WordPress form plugins. Formidable form plugin is not as beginner-friendly as other form plugins. Still, it is the one of the most advanced form plugins for WordPress in the market, helping developers make complex form-focused solutions easily.


  • Unlimited forms and entries
  • Automatic updates with years of support
  • Upgrades site with Add-ons or Mailchimp
  • Create survey and polls form
  • API and date picker option and quiz maker
  • Campaign monitor Get Response
  • More templates and unlimited sites
  • The business package features priority support


  • Drag and drop interface
  • Display user-submitted data on the front-end of a website
  • Integrates with email marketing and payments platform


  • Not intuitive form builder
  • Not beginner-friendly like other form plugins
  • Its extensive features make the interface complicated


The WordPress contact forms are the best plugins forms and are available with so many solutions on the market as this has been. It is not easy to select a specific contact form as the best forms plugins for WordPress website.

The standard has improved free contact forms plugin WordPress from the last few years due to its modern design and features.

Each of them has different features and functionalities and offers advanced functionality at various price points.

I described all the WordPress form plugins in detail with all their related features; it depends on you to select those plugins documents that are suitable for your website and are fits the business requirement.

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