Fancy Product Designer Plugin Pros and Cons

Fancy Product Designer Plugin Pros and Cons – FPD Plugin

Fancy product designer plugin pros and cons

The Fancy Product Designer Plugin Pros and Cons can help you to select the best product designer plugins for your store. We are going to discuss the point-to-point details for this plugin. Let’s start with into.


In the world of woo commerce, You always have an option of a product designer plugin so it will be more potent with tons of features available in different custom product plugins, customers can customize their products easily.

Fancy product designer is another one of the amazing plugins, which comes with a lot of features and customization options. It consists a powerful aspect in its working and it is very convenient to use. It is no doubt a great tool that can be used for all kinds of designs and it works seamlessly with woo commerce. Excellent customer support in this plugin add to more customer satisfaction leading to more sales.

Key Features

Some of the main features are discussed below,

  • It does not contain any limitation to choose which product or which part of the product to customize.
  • layering is very helpful, specially designed to track all the designs.
  • Customers are given a variety of colors in the panel and they can choose any color.


Fancy product designer plugin pros and cons are discussed below for better understanding;



The top-selling product designer i.e fancy product designer is popular because of its outstanding features. Similarly, it has many positive aspects that are given below;

  • The layer system is very useful that allows you to design customize options
  • You can transform the text and images
  • Numerous google fonts are available
  • It supports different color options for their customers which includes fixed color and clour pallets
  • It has a seamless design interface that is the main attraction.
  • You are having numerous product views and upload areas in this plugin.
  • It has a good support system and frequent updates.
  • Customers can upload designs from social media or a local device so it will be easy for them to customize the products.
  • Customers can change the colors and can make adjustments to the products according to their requirements.
  • It is reliable for customers to use as it sits with the existing theme of your WordPress.
  • In the terms of the user interface, it is called to be best.
  • It is one of the best addition to almost all online shops.
  • it contains multiple templates so you can easily change the way your visual editor looks like.
  • Customers can easily change the font size and different modifications can be done there like they can add any pattern text etc.
  • Retailers can add custom textual styles to Fancy’s fashioner, however not through the administrator board. All things being equal, you’ll need to characterize a text style envelope in the module’s settings and afterward transfer textual styles physically. This can be overseen effectively enough with an FTP customer or with an apparatus like cPanel’s record chief.



Some of the drawbacks of fancy product designers are also discussed below;

  • As compared to lumise it is very expensive.
  • It does not support multiple languages and it is not fully optimized.
  • It does not offer a free version of this plugin.
  • Lumise has more ratings than a fancy product designer.
  • It lacks few features that come in other plugins.


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