Elementor vs Divi - Which One is Best?

Elementor vs Divi – Which One is Best in 2023?

Elementor vs Divi – Which is Best in 2023?


Elementor vs Divi both page builders are a fast and great way to build your website instantly. And, we all know, the two most popular plugins for WordPress and woocommerce web page development are Elementor and Divi. But the question is, which one is user-friendly?

To answer your question, we will talk about Elementor vs Divi WordPress plugins to see which is easier to use and beginner-friendly. So get along with us in this ride and see which is the best option for you to use.

What are Website Builders?

Website builders are simple programs on WordPress and woocommerce that allow you to set up your web page instantly. They require no coding expertise, and it’s ideal for someone who wants a good site without any complications.

These builders come with preformed templates, pages, and widgets that you need to select and layer to build your customized site. Beginners use them due to their user-friendly nature and easy setup. There are a variety of web builders from which we will discuss the two most raved out there.

Elementor vs Divi WordPress Page Builders

In the world of hundreds of page builders, two plugins are hard to beat. One is Elementor while the other is Divi. Both of them give their best performance when compared to the rest. However, one is more user-friendly than the other. To find out the answer, let’s have a detailed look at which one outranks the other.

Divi page builder

One of the most known WordPress builders that have developed thousands and millions of websites on wordless. Divi offers advanced layouts with high-level optimization that turns your website into professional in under a few minutes.

Elementor Vs Divi Woocommerce-Elementor-Vs-Divi---Which-is-User-Friendly---01


Let’s have a detailed look at Divi features to see if it’s worth a shot or not

1. Simple Interface

Now you don’t have to learn the set of coding because Divi has done all the hard work for you. Coding is a complex procedure that requires years of experience. That’s why a custom building can get extremely difficult for a newbie.

Divi excluded coding and offered a simple drag and drop interface. With that, you only need to add ornaments and customize your website without hunting through the hard work.

A floating style pop-up full of features that you can add to your site when building the page. All you have to do is click on your website, drag and select, and it’s all done. Although it can be a little challenging to understand initially, you’ll easily get used to it.

2. Full Layout Packages

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to customize each web page of your website, you can use the premade WordPress Divi kit. There are hundreds of performed complete page layouts present having different niches. All you have to do is search your preferred topic theme and click on it. Viola! You’ll have your website set up in minutes.

3. Observe Looks While Editing

If you are suspicious about how your website will look post-editing, now it’s not a feature to worry about. With live editing (all thanks to Divi), you can see your website’s live display side by side. From there, you can edit, add, or delete or change anything you want. The live display comes especially when you are having second thoughts about your presentation. It prevents post website launch glitches and flaws.

4. Mobile Friendly

People majorly use mobile phones to visit sites because no one’s on the computer all day long. Therefore, a mobile-friendly page or shopping store is vital to grab the audience. With Divi website builder, your page already comes in a mobile-friendly display. However, you can edit that display too to your preference.

5. Templates Heaven

It’s a total euphoria when you are given hundreds of choices. And you can find the ideal design you always wanted. The same goes with Divi.

With more than eight hundred templates to choose from, you can find your perfect website design within minutes. Their template represents various niches, so it would almost be impossible not to get your topic styled theme.

6. Plugin As Well As A Theme Designer

Divi comes in two shapes, a web theme designer and a complete plugin. A theme developer will allow you to set your page or store’s theme, whereas a plugin will completely build and develop your website.

You can either use a theme developer or a complete plugin, depending on your choice. But having both of them will give you total command on your website while keeping your page and shop in harmony together.

7. Extra Modular Ornaments

If you want to grab your customers with just a visit, you need ornaments like the call to action, newsletters, video slides, etc. Major of these WordPress or woocommerce builders don’t offer these extra modules. But with Divi, you can add all these modules easily.

With more than thirty personalized modules, you can grab your audience or customers to navigate at your store. It’s an excellent feature for those who want to use Divi to build their woo-commerce online web store.

8. Lacks Pop-up Builder.

Pop-ups builders are a great way for marketing and are vital for marketing websites. Even though Divi offers extensive website development and theme selection features, the one thing it lacks is a pop-up builder. So if you want when a page has pop-up windows, you should get a pop-up builder plugin as Divi does not offer this feature to your website.

Besides a few flaws, Divi is a great place for extensive customized shop/ web page building. As it offers hundreds of templates and layouts, you won’t need to waste your time building everything for a startup.

Elementor Plugin

Like Divi, Elementor is also a complete website page builder that offers full website development as a one-stop solution. It’s a WordPress website builder which is simple and convenient to use. Let us discuss its specification in detail and see how it is different from Divi

Elementor-Vs-Divi---Which-is-User-Friendly---01-Elementor Vs Divi Woocommerce


1. Straightforward Interface

Just like Divi, it is also composed of drag and drop style website building. As we discussed, it is pretty convenient to use for the users. However, it is not exactly like Divi. We say so because of its side editing display.

As we saw in Divi, it has a floating pop-up style feature access. In elementor, there is a total sidebar full of a variety of editing features. Not only does this offer a full view without reopening the tab, but also it offers a complete view of the website display. Moreover, you don’t need to learn to code as it is a website builder for beginners.

2. All Editing in One Page

Several many page builders demand opening multiple tabs to edit different website pages. But with elementor, you need only one window for editing. You can customize all the layers of your page in one sitting and with only one tab opened. All in all, it’s a pretty convenient method.

3. Template Variety

As it’s a simple website page builder, it is understood that it has a preformed template. It has almost three hundred or more web pages template selections from which you can make a choice easily. However, when compared to the Divi plugin, the templates are quite limited. So it may not offer a vast range of templates but it gets the job done.

4. The Ease of Searching

Cannot find a feature? Well, that’s a problem. With the search bar, you can type and find your required element with just a click. Elementor makes everything easier for the user to develop the website without going through all the features that can consume a fraction of your time.

5. Library of Widgets

As discussed earlier, widgets are like the ornament of a website to gain customers and an audience. If we compare Elementor vs. Divi in this feature, it is transparent that the elementor is the clear-cut winner. With more than ninety widgets, you can optimize and upgrade your website CTAs and additional features.

This extensive range contains elements for an online store too. These tags include adding to cart, wishlist, product features, etc. Therefore, it’s a good choice as a woo-commerce online shop building to gain more sales and flourish your business.

6. Availability of Pop up Builder

Pop-up builders are important for many websites, and therefore, one should have the choice to add them to their page. Divi does not offer a pop-up plugin, whereas Elementor does. You can customize pop-ups to match your website theme. Moreover, you can add widgets to them as well. We can say that it has limited choices but offers maximum features.

7. Free Trial

When you are not sure whether Elementor is the right plugin for you or not, you can always count on its free trial. Elementor offers a free trial for a limited time and features. But it is enough to get along with the application and to observe whether it should be your choice or not. At the same time, Divi does not offer a free trial.

8. Mobile Display and Regular Updates

Elementor offers a compatible mobile display along with the website page. You can also upgrade it just like Divi. Moreover, these features are not outdated. All of these modules, widgets, and themes are updated by Elementor periodically. In this way, you won’t be running old versions of this plugin.

This plugin is simple and convenient to use with additional features that you will enjoy throughout the time.

Which one is User-Friendly from Elementor vs Divi?

After going through the features of both of these plugins, we can easily say that both of them are fun to work with and operate. However, one is easier than the other. After a lot of research and analysis, we concluded that Elementor is more user-friendly than Divi.

What Makes Elementor More User-Friendly?

Being user-friendly means more ease and convenience. Elementor fulfills all the requirements mentioned before. Here is why Elementor is our user-friendly plugin:

  • The interface and usage method is in sidebar style, which is simpler to use with the drag and drop feature. Whereas in Divi, the pop-up type floating buttons can be tough to get used to for many people.
  • There is a free trial. It gives more assurance to the user whether they want it or not. In Divi, you aren’t offered a free trial, and so you have to bet your bucks blindfolded on it without knowing the results.
  • You get full control over your website design with Elementor. The customization in it is simpler with one window layout and editing.

We know that template selection is limited but is better than many standard plugins. But Elementor usage is easier and straightforward than Divi because of the following features as mentioned above.

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Price and Affordability of Elementor vs Divi

Having a budget is a significant part of a customer. That’s why comparing their prices is crucial. In short, Divi is less expensive than elementor. But the plus point with Elementor is it offers a free trial before initial purchase. In contrast, Divi doesn’t provide a free trial and requires an investment to use it.

Elementor vs Divi – A Brief Comparison

Following is the table showcasing a brief comparison of both of these plugins for your better understanding

Elementor Divi
300 and more templates 800 and more templates
90+ widgets 30 + widgets
Mobile friendly display Mobile supportive display
Sidebar features assembly Floating pop-up features
Fewer website kits More website kits
Offers free trial Does not offer a free trial
Only plugin Theme developer as well as a plugin
Fewer glitches on big websites More glitches on big websites
Pop-up builders present Pop-up builders absent
Regularly updated Regularly updated
Poor marginal alignment Perfect marginal alignment
More expensive Less expensive


Final words

Getting a plugin for website building can make or break you. That is why you should always choose the best. To see which one is user-friendly, we gave you a detailed comparison between Elementor Vs Divi  to see which one stands out more.

Even though Divi has more templates and website kits, it can be a tricky plugin to use, especially for a newbie. In comparison, Elementor has a simple user interface and is pretty straightforward, even for a beginner. That’s why Elementor is our winner in this matter.

We hope that our comparison was fairly detailed for your understanding. We will see you soon with another informational piece.