Elementor vs Beaver Builder Interface - Pros & Cons

Elementor vs Beaver Builder Interface – Pros & Cons

Elementor vs Beaver Builder Interface – Pros & Cons

If you want to try to choose between Elementor vs Beaver Builder as the design tool in the WordPress website? Beaver Builder and Elementor are the most popular page builders for WordPress. These plugins are end-users that create your website’s design and are the best choices among the many options available out there.

Both plugins are useful to create website designing and have some differences that need to know before use.

In this article, you will learn the use of the Elementor vs Beaver Builder addon and a comparison between them that will help a better decision. Let me sum up the comparisons of both plugins with my deep experience that will clearly define your key points.

Elementor vs Beaver Builder

Both plugins editing and layout functions are very similar but in some situations, Beaver builder editing becomes complicated on-page and that’s the reason make a comparison of Beaver Builder vs Elementor that are:

Beaver Builder Interface

This friendly developer’s reputation has a clean code reliable updates have led to it being used on over one million websites.

It is ROCK SOLID, and the best choice for many developers.

More stable partially.

Beaver Builder cost would be $99, for Beaver Theme $147, and optionally $69 for an add-on package cost will be included for getting Elementor pro feature set in beaver builder.


  • Fast Front-end page builder with modern
  • design, Gradients, and drop-shadow
  • Full templates and block library option
  • A most reliable and ideal page for agencies
  • White label Option On Higher Package


Sometimes its development feels slow compared to other page builders

Elementor Builder interface

  • Elementor WordPress page builder is a very easy-to-use deepest feature set.
  • This page builder is the most full-featured, free page builder with the additional developer features of pro-add-on.
  • It has valued features, including a pop-up builder, a motion animation engine, and soon adding global style.
  • Elementor Pro cost will be little as $49 for one website or $199 for 1,000 websites.


  • Have templates and block library
  • Live Front end with page editor option
  • Mobile responsive option
  • Most powerful pop-up builder
  • Custom Header and Footer
  • Post type layout


  • Maybe support unwilling for a custom solution

Final Thoughts on Elementor vs Beaver Builder

I briefly describe that Elementor vs Beaver Builder Addons. Elementor offers a wide range of options, templates, and page elements with an attractive interface that works well and is relatively cheap, considering the power it provides.

Beaver Builder is faster to use and load menus, but the interface is not interesting. It is more suited for developers, and Elementor is suited for designers.

Beaver Builder has a cleaner appearance and might be just a personal preference. The drag and drop features of Beaver are slightly simpler and a bit more intuitive as compared to the Elementor page builder.

Both page builders offer decent free versions, regular updated, add features and improve the overall offering.

So, clearly defines the comparison of Beaver Builder vs. Elementor Addons. Both are the best powerful builder page for WordPress websites and are very good at what they do.


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