How to Fix Elementor Sidebar not Loading?

How to Fix Elementor Sidebar not Loading?

Elementor sidebar not loading

Elementor sidebar not loading is a common issue. But if you are new to elementor, then you can get frustrated after having this problem. To fix this issue is quite simple. In fact, we are making it more simple so that every new person who using Elementor plugin for the first time can fix the issue easily.

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What can be a reason for the Elementor sidebar or widget panel not loading?

This is the question that should be raised or should come into your mind first when you are having such an issue called “Elementor sidebar or widget panel not loading”. You must need to know about this first.

There are two most important reasons:

  • Usually, this kind of issue can come just because of a conflict between plugins.
  • Server setting issue

How to Fix Elementor Sidebar not Loading?

Elementor sidebar not loading

Solution 1: 

Once you have such an issue and your elementor widget panel not loading, the first thing you need to check is “conflict between plugins”. You have to find the plugin that is creating this problem.

Deactivate each plugin one by one and keep loading the page to check if it works. In the end, you will find a plugin that has an issue with elementor.

Simply reactive this plugin and you can use the elementor page builder smoothly.

Solution 2:

1- The second solution is you have to set up the server settings. There are important requirements to fulfill to use the Elementor page builder smoothly. Here are the requirements that must check:

  • PHP minimum version 7 or Greater
  • MySQL minimum version 5.6 or Greater
  • WP Memory minimum limit of 128 MB or Greater
  • Must enable PHP-Lib extension
  • Must use SSL to avoid saving issues on your website
  • Increase [ max_input_vars ] value.

Check updated requirements visit: Elementor Page Builder Requirements

2- To get loading issues fixed you should increase your memory limit to 512M.
3- Try to replace the theme to check if it works.
4- PHP Zlib extension should be enabled on your server.