Elementor Pros and Cons - Every Aspect That You Should Know

Elementor Pros and Cons – Every Aspect That You Should Know

Elementor Pros and Cons – Every Aspect That You Should Know

Elementor pros and cons can help you to use the website builder in the best possible way. Let’s start with an intro…


There are a hundred website builders available in the market. Some of them have good payouts, while others offer easy usage. But when you combine these traits, you’ll get Elementor. However, as a beginner, it is hard to decide if your website developer is good for you or not. For your ease, we will talk about Elementor pros and cons in depth.

So without further due, let’s talk about all the benefits and drawbacks that you could get after choosing Elementor as your website builder.

A Brief Foreword To Elementor

Elementor is a website developing software that builds your web pages, web copies, and landing pages without the necessity of learning to code.

In this WordPress style website builder, you can create your personalized website and its template without leading specialized web development skills. It’s an ideal developer for beginners or those who prefer to make personalized web page theme building themselves.

Offerings of Elementor

It’s hard to be a jack of all trades, but with Elementor, it doesn’t seem to be as challenging as it sounds. With this one epic software, you can build several internet pages, which includes

  • Web pages
  • Web copies
  • Woocommerce stores
  • Pop up add and stores
  • Entire website layout

Now it gets hard to resist the fantastic services of Elementor. However, before making the final decision, let us first go through Elementor pros and cons in detail.


A Detailed Discussion on Elementor Pros and Cons

When you want to own a website developing plugin, you want to have every quality in it that you might need. Along with that, it’s vital to have accurate knowledge of its benefits and flaws that come with it. So with our deep research, we are presenting you all the positives and negatives of using Elementor as your website designer.



1. Simple Interface

Nobody wants to get tangled in the complex procedures of developing a website. That’s the reason why the simplicity of a website developer’s usage is essential. Elementor offers this simplicity with its drag and drop interface.

With this style of website development, you only need to click, hold and drop your widget or time at your favorite place.

2. Visibility of Features

In standard plugins, it’s getting tough for the user to find a feature to add to the website while developing. Even though the drag and drop feature is a plus point, a plugin should include visible features. So, there is no need to find them. Elementor offers this visibility with its sidebar display of features.

In this display, you won’t need to open a pop-up again and again if we compare the Elementor vs. Divi plugin. You can easily edit your website without losing its features. This sidebar allows easy searching and access to its users.

3. Live Page Editing

Now you don’t need to stay worried about how your website would look once it’s live. Thanks to the live editing through Elementor, you can easily make changes. While editing, you will choose to make and save changes on the web page theme, design fonts widgets, etc.

4. Widgets for Everything

It doesn’t matter if it’s a shop or a blog website; you can amp up the looks and customer attraction with more than fifty widgets in the Elementor pro version.

These widgets are in life shop-related options, blog relates viewed, and review widgets. With this treasure, you can easily customize your website based on its intent of usage.

5. A Variety of Templates

It gets hard to design a website by yourself when you are already occupied with several tasks. In this scenario, a good website development lags. To prevent this, what you should do is select any one of the preformed website templates. However, the selection gets tricky when you don’t have enough choices.

With more than three hundred element templates, you are in a design world. In this web page development library, you can easily find a website design representing your topic or niche. All you need to do is choose a theme and apply it to your website.

6. Unlimited Designing

A pro version of Elementor offers maximum designing of your website. Either it’s a good design or a development of a share button, you will get every feature of your website to design it by yourself.

You can alter its color schemes, designs, fonts, background, and even CTA buttons.

It is fantastic accessibility if you desire to create a unique design for the website.

7. Enabled Pop-Up Builder

When running an online store, it’s vital to get as much conversion as you can. One website developer plugin should have a pop-up builder to increase customers. Unfortunately, there is much software that doesn’t offer this program.

However, Elementor gives you a simple to use pop-up builder and unlimited features and themes to customize it to complement your website. The addition of a pop-up builder is a crucial feature of why this plugin has become our favorite.

8. Responsive and Upgradeable Design

The majority of the customers use mobile or laptops to open online stores and websites. And for a blog page to attract more customers, it is essential to be suitable with their devices. Elementor offers mobile and laptop responsive websites that are easily compatible with the viewer’s screen.

9. A Great Free Trial

The best way to know more about Elementor pros and cons is to use it. This is possible with the free trial of Elementor. At this time, you can explore top features with a bit of restriction. In this way, you will learn about the ease of usage and website development of Elementor.

10. SEO Friendly

If you doubt that Elementor does not develop an SEO-friendly page, you should immediately remove this thought. We are saying so because Elementor offers SEO-friendly websites templates as well as designs that will rank your page or store for sure.

11. Store Friendly

Developing an online store is not an easy task. It requires a ton of widgets and a customized theme to invite customers. You can do so by designing your online store with the help of Elementor because it contains every widget, module, and design required to build an appealing store with a high conversion rate.

As mentioned above, were the fantastic benefits of using Elementor as your website developer. Now it’s time to look at flaws that a user should be aware of so everything is clear to them.



1. Pricing

Taking a closer look at Elementor benefits, we concluded that it’s a reasonably valuable program. We also talked about its offering of a free trial to judge it before buying. However, a product should be under reasonable prices as well.

Coming to the pricing, we think that Elementor is pretty on the expensive side rather than standard plugins. Its price is not that high but enough to become a concern for plugin buyers.

2. Lower Search Engine Optimization

Even though Elementor offers SEO-friendly page development, nevertheless it’s not enough. The search engine optimization tools lag advancement and hence, do not offer advanced or premium ranking. So to rank your website on the top, you would want to have access to cutting-edge SEO tools.

3. Third-Party Plugin

In many cases, having a 3rd party add-on is vital to run your website. But things can get a little complicated in Elementor. Elementor allows 3rd party plugins easily, but the main problem is that it can cause glitches and performance errors. Therefore, you have to be pretty careful about what type of third-party add-on you would be using.

4. Complication with Browsers

Elemnetor is relatively suitable for all devices and browsers. However, it works slow on some of them, like on firefox and others. Therefore, we would highly recommend you to use a free trial. So, you can use it on your preferred browser before buying a pro version of it.

These are the cons of using Elementor. They are not a lot, but it is necessary to mention them to have a good website developing experience with this program.


Final Words

Elementor is a website development plugin that doesn’t require any knowledge of coding or HTML usage. It’s a simple drag and drop style interface website that is easy to use for a newbie. In this article, we discussed Elementor pros and cons to prove you with maximum transparency and to see its compatibility.

We concluded that it’s simple to use and offers a ton of features as well as a free trial. However, it can go through minor glitches and SEO problems. Overall, it’s a great web developer, hands down, and we hope you’ll enjoy using it. If you do, don’t forget to tell us in the comments.


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