How to Become a Woocommerce Affiliate

How to Become a Woocommerce Affiliate?

Become a Woocommerce Affiliate

Woocommerce affiliate program is the best money-making affiliate program. After joining the woocommerce affiliate program you can make a good amount of money. Now the question is how to become a Woocommerce Affiliate?

It is basically coming up under the WordPress Referral Program. Using the WordPress referral program, you are allowed to promote links for WordPress, woocommerce, and jetpack.

You can earn a 20% commission on every woocommerce referral link.

Woocomemrce was not a part of the program in the past. But now woocommerce has officially become a part of this program.

How to become a Woocommerce Affiliate?

Step 1: You have to register or create on account. It is the first step to become a Woocommerce Affiliate.

Step 2: In the dashboard, become a Woocommerce Affiliate by selecting woocommerce as a vendor.

Step 3: Promote referral links and start making money.

All you need to do is refer visitors to and on every sale, you would earn a commission. At the same time, you can promote and affiliate links to get more money.


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